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Where can I Buy a Double-Decker Carousel Amusement Ride?

Looking for a beautifully designed two story carousel amusement ride? Look no further than Dinis Factory! With 20 years of experience, we are a professional manufacturer of mechanical amusement rides and are recognized as a high-tech enterprise in China. Whether you’re in the market for an opulent large carousel or a charmingly compact one, our products are embraced by investors from all over the world.

At this year’s Beijing amusement exhibition, our 38 seats double decker carousel for sale particularly captured the attention of attendees. When it comes to both quality and design, opting for Dinis to craft your double-decker carousel is an excellent choice. We hold a Type A manufacturing license for large equipment, which signifies our high level of technical expertise. Meanwhile, it also demonstrates our strength and confidence in building a double-decker carousel that meets your requirements.

2 story carousel for sale at fair

The Pinnacle of Elegance and Sophistication: Dinis’ 38 Seats Double Decker Carousel

Our new brand 38-seater two story carousel features its grand and gold appearance. From a distance, you may feel that it is like a grand palace. In contrast to traditional children’s carousels, we have opted for a unified lighting scheme and gorgeous color palette. This bestows upon it an air of elegance and nobility. When night falls, you will notice the entire carousel aglow with a golden radiance.

Furthermore, this double decker carousel for sale stands at an impressive height of 10 meters. It approximately equals to the height of a two- to three-story building, enhancing its grandeur. Moreover, we adorn both levels with beautiful horses, and they seamlessly blend the classic combination of black and purple hues to infuse the vintage charm with sophistication.

We have also equipped the carousel with stairs and fences, not only facilitating a safe and enjoyable experience for guests on the upper level but also ensuring their safety. Therefore, it can be said that such an exquisite carousel will become the center of attention wherever you use it.

How Much is the 38 Seats Double Decker Carousel?

Maybe our 38-seat double-decker carousel may not be the cheapest on the market. But in the current amusement equipment industry, our double decker carousel price is definitely competitive. At Dinis, you can acquire a newly designed 38-seat double-decker carousel within the price range of $105,000 to $170,000.

Considering their superior design and quality, this price point undoubtedly represents great value for money. The entire internal structure of the turntable is composed of high-quality carbon steel plates, and the exterior is made of strong and smooth fiberglass material (talc-free). These ensure that you can use it with confidence for more than 10 years.

how much is a double decker carousel

In addition to the 38-seater double-decker carousel, we also offer a 46 seats model. These two carousels share a similar aesthetic, the primary distinction lies in the number of horses and carriages. Moreover, we also manufacture double decker designed portable merry go round. It is ease to install and disassemble, and the price is more economical.

two story carousel for kids

Besides, if you’re interested in other styles of carousel rides, such as ocean-themed or Longines carousels, we provide customization services to cater to your preferences. For example, we can make them into double-decker versions upon request. If you want to get detailed prices, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We look forward to creating an exciting amusement experience for you.

The Basic Structure of the Large Two Story Carousel

Our 38 2 story carousel for sale features independently rotating upper and lower levels, providing a unique and customizable ride experience. This carousel consists of several key parts:

The structural foundation of the carousel, which is located on the lower level and supports the entire ride.

We install it on the base frame to allow passengers easy access to the upper deck.

The vertical pillar that stands at the core of the carousel, providing stability and structural integrity.

The mechanical linkage that facilitates the up-and-down motion of the carousel horse, adding to the traditional carousel experience.

The mechanism responsible for the rotation of the carousel, which includes motors and gear reducers to ensure controlled and safe motion.

These enhance the visual appeal of customers and contribute to the thematic experience.

Also known as the pyramid structure. It acts as a support mechanism to evenly distribute the rotational power on the large disk platform. Each level of the carousel comprises 9 cross-bracing sections, each using a truss structure. Besides, our workers interconnect these sections into a cohesive whole with angle steel for cross-connection to enhance its stability.

Primarily controlled by PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and frequency converters, this system manages the speed and operation of the ride.

Through these finely engineered components and safety features, our large two-story carousel is a testament to both traditional amusement design and modern technological advancements. It ensures a delightful and also secures experience for all riders.

How Does the Double Decker Merry go Round Work?

Want to know how our 38-seat double decker merry go round for sale functions? In fact, our double decker carousel for sale employs a tiered push mechanism.

When the carousel starts, the motor reducer activates, inducing rotation in the pinion. This rotation of the pinion drives the slewing bearing, which in turn sets the pyramid structure and the large disk platform into motion. Simultaneously, the movement of the pinion also engages the small bevel gear. The small bevel gear then propels the crankshaft assembly, facilitating the vertical oscillation of the carousel horses. To assist you in quickly understanding the operating principle, we have outlined a flowchart for your reference.

Double-decker carousel operation flow chart

Elevate Your Shopping Center Charm with the Royal Double Decker Carousel

Are you looking to add a new rides to your mall that draws in customers? Consider installing our Luxrious 2-story carousel! It is an eye-catching rotating ride that enhances your venue’s appeal, especially for families and children.

Limitations of Installing Deluxe Double-Decker Carousel in Indoor Shopping malls

Our double-decker carousel is not only suitable for outdoor plazas, but also for interior spaces of shopping malls if they meet our installation requirements. Specifically, you’ll need to allocate a space measuring at least 11m x 11m with a minimum height of 10m. Additionally, the floor thickness should be no less than 250mm. For safety and successful installation, maintain a clear rescue passage at least 4m wide around the equipment, ensuring it is free from any obstructions.

Why We Recommend You to Buy a Megamall Carousel for Your Business?

Installing such a beautifully designed luxury double-decker carousel not only attracts foot traffic and raises your mall’s profile but also serves as a new source of revenue. Visitors who come to enjoy the carousel may also spend more at your mall’s dining and retail outlets. Investing in a luxurious double-decker carousel puts your mall ahead of the competition, offering both significant economic benefits and delivering memorable experiences to shoppers. It is, without doubt, a win-win proposition.

double decker carousel horse

Dinis Supplies More Equipment Options Suitable for Shopping Malls

By the way, in addition to the two story carousel, more merry-go-rounds for mall are availalble in our factory. For example, there are single-story luxury carousel, Ocean-themed carousel, Longines custom carousel, kids mini carousel, Palace-themed small carousel, etc. No matter what size or type of carousel you want, we have it. We also supplies bumper cars, small flying chairs, electric trains for mall, etc. If you want to know more details, please contact us!

carousel in shopping mall

All in all, the 38 seats double decker carousel produced by Dinis is an excellent option for investors who are still deliberating. Its double-layered design not only accommodates a significant number of passengers, but the capability of independently reverse rotation of each level also adds to the entertainment and appeal. The carousel is not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable. The use of high-quality fiberglass and sheet metal materials ensures that it will provide over a decade of dependable use. It applies not only to shopping mall investors but also to amusement parks, theme parks and public squares.

If you are interested in this product, don’t hesitate to contact us now to get a quote!

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