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Amusement mini train tracks for sale, with cartoon and classic themes, are very suitable for kids or family entertainment. They are electric, feature colorful lights and music boxes, and look very eye-catching especially at night. More importantly, they are convenient for you to use. Just press the start button, and your passengers can enjoy a charming train journey. Moreover, a small train like this costs as little as $8,000. Would you like to use an exquisite kids party train for your business? Come to DINIS to buy it.

Christmas Train Ride for Kids

New designed Kids Christmas train rides are available in DINIS. With its compact size and exquisite appearance, it can catch children’s eyes at first sight. Paired with a Santa Claus locomotive and painted in red, these designs make the miniature trains full of Christmas atmosphere.

Additionally, we have added delicate decorations to its wagons,such as a mini snowman, beautiful Christmas hats and gift boxed. When children ride on the train, they will feel as if they are enjoying Christmas with their beloved gifts. Here, we have a real case of the Christmas kiddie train from Prtugal for your reference.

Also, we equip the small kiddy train with colorful lights, snowflakes and Christmas tree around its external cars. Upbeat music that children prefer can be played from its electric control box. When you start the small train with track for kids, they will experience a unique and magnificent Christmas Eve.

Mini Train Ride for Children’s Party

Want to buy a well-designed mini train for your children’s party business? Come and have a look at DINIS! Our mini train tracks have been chosen by many investors who run children’s amusement businesses.

They are colorful and lively, with various themes for you to choose from, such as the real Thomas the Tank Engine, Green Ant, cute Elephant and Dolphin, etc. If you’re planning a children’s party event with these elaborate trains on tracks, they’re sure to attract a crowd.

Usually, these cute trains can accommodate more than 10 passengers and the speed is moderate. So it is very suitable for kids to ride on. Moreover, they include a variety of interactive elements. For example, when you use the mini train ride in your children’s playground in the mall, you can play music, or blow the whistle to attract children’s attention. Meanwhile, children can also invite their parents to enjoy a wonderful party tour.

Family Ride on Mini Train Tracks for Sale

electric ride on mini train for kids
mini ride on train kids

Family rideable mini rail train is on sale at DINIS! This classic small train and track is suited for family members of all ages, with a compact body and a special riding style. Its has only seats without cabins, which is very different from other amusement track trains. When experiencing it, people only need to sit on its seats and grab the armrest on the seats. At the same time, they can put their feet on the side pedals of the train. This unique design will make them feel as if they are riding a horse, so novel and interesting.

Moreover, its running speed is moderate and adjustable, not exceeding 6km/h. Thus, it is very suitable for those families who want to take the little kids or the elderly to experience amusement park trains. Such a ride on train with a small size, but it can hold on 16-20 passengers. So, if you want to purchase one for your indoor mall or outdoor park, this might be a good idea.

Easy-to-operate Small Track Electric Train

how to operate mini electric train kiddie ride

Small electric train tracks are convenient for you to operate. Most our mini train tracks for sale are equipped with an electric control box. You don’t need to drive the kids train at all, just press the relevant buttons on the electric control box. Then, the train will move smoothly on its track. Additionally, you can also adjust the speed of the train and the duration of each run in the control box.

However, for the ride-on train, like the small family locomotive, it is not electrically controlled, but powered by lithium batteries. It still requires a driver to control its starting and stopping, which is very necessary in case of emergency situations. Even though, this is easy for you. Just press buttons on the control panel of the mini rideable train. Then, the train will move autonomously along the track.

How Much does Kids Mini Train Tracks for Sale Costs

Do you want to know the price of a set of mini train kids rideable? DINIS has set up mini trains at different price points to meet the needs of every investor. Here you can buy quality mechanical rides at the lowest prices. Below, we recommend the most suitable children’s mini track train based on your actual budget and usage sites.

safe design of kids mini train tracks for sale

First, if you are on a tight budget but still want to buy a quality track mini train for your fairground or mall business, we suggest you consider the options like the Thomas train, Green Ant train, Christmas mini train, or our vintage-style mini train. Their prices are not high, ranging from about $3,000 to $6,000. Made of high-quality fiberglass, these trains are compact and can accommodate about 10 passengers. They feature exquisite designs that are very popular with children.

Then, If your budget is around $10,000 and you are looking to purchase a slightly larger train for your venue, the small Ocean Train or the Elephant Train would be an excellent choice. They are slightly larger than the mini miniatures, making them suitable for family fun. Moreover, they are controlled by an electrical box, which makes them easy for you to operate.

Last, if you aim to purchase a train for your amusement park that can accommodate all family members, our classic ride-on mini train is the perfect option. The ride-on design provides a unique train experience for visitors, adding a distinctive and charming attraction to your amusement park. Moreover, it can accommodate about 20 kids and adults, and costs more than $15,000.

Want to purchase a different types of mini trains for your children? DINIS specializes in producing small trains for children and families for over 20 years. We are an amusement train manufacturer and supplier who provide economic and premium train for you. In addition, our mini track trains are suitable for various venues and occasions, favored by many investors from all over the world.

If you are interested in our train rides and would like detailed prices, please send us an inquiry now!

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