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Do you want to purchase an battery operated bumper car for your amusement park business? Using the battery dodgems can not only increase your income, but also bring a lot of foot traffic to your venue.

DINIS designs and manufactures various battery dodgem cars suitable for both children and adult entertainment.They are powered by maintenance-free batteries and can run for 6-8 hours on a full charge. Buying a set of battery dashing cars may cost $550-$1600.

Furthermore, discounts are available for bulk purchases (more than 2 sets). If you want to know more detailed information about the bumper car battery operated, read the following page with me!

DINIS New Designed Battery Powered Bumper Car for Sale

DINIS has recently manufactured new battery bumper cars. When you see them for the first time, you will think that they look so different from traditional bumper cars. On the one hand, we design them to have different car appearances, such as sports car, sedan, go-kart, and inflatable and cartoon styles.

These novel styles make them stand out among many classic styles, giving people unlimited imagination. On the other hand, we paint their entire shell in gradient color, which is also a unique feature of the new battery bumper cars. No matter which styles of dodgem cars you use in your amusement park, I believe they can bring you good profits.

What Materials are Dodgem Rides Made Of

High-quality Fiberglass Bumper Car Shell and Steel Frame

Additionally, we use high-quality fiberglass for the bumper car shell, with a steel frame to support the entire body. Fiberglass Battery dodgems have a bright appearance, and are wear-resistant, impact-resistant, and easy to clean. Besides, we also use automotive-grade paint technology for the bumper car body. Even if they are often exposed to sun and rain outdoors, we guarantee they won’t fade. Moreover, we use premium steel material to make the dodgem car frame. And each welding joint has been strictly tested to ensure it is absolutely safe and reliable.

Meanwhile, we also install it with thickened rubber tires inside and outside, high wear resistance. Unlike ground grid dodgems or sky net bumper cars, tire wear does not have much impact on the operation of the bumper car. This design not only allows your customers to enjoy millions of the fun of collisions. It can also reduce your maintenance costs to some extent.

What is the Bumper Car Battery? How Long does It Last After Each Full Charge?

bumper car battery

The batteries we use for the bumper cars are two pieces of 12V 60A maintenance-free batteries, each weighing 15kg. It may take 6-8 hours to fully charge each time, you can choose to charge it before you go to sleep. By the way, we will also gift you smart chargers. When the battery is fully charged, the charger will automatically turn off, which not only protects the battery but also reduces unnecessary trouble for you. Then, the battery bumper car can work continuously for 6-8 hours without affecting your daily business. Moreover, you can also make your bumper car more efficient by reasonably setting the riding time for each customer to play.

However, it should be noted that the battery might require replacement every one or two years. But it doesn’t spend too much money, and also easier to replace the battery. However, it still requires professionals to do it. Disassembling the battery without permission may cause safety hazards to you. Therefore, we recommend that you to find a technician who specializes in car repairs to help you replace the battery.

How Much does a Battery Bumper Car Cost ?

Cheap bumper car rides are available in DINIS! As a bumper car manufacturer and supplier, we promise to provide you with the most affordable bumper car prices.

From our factory, you can get a kids inflatable battery bumper car for $550-$800. This little dodgem is designed to suit kids preference, and its tire is inflated. If your target customers are families, the 2-seater bumper car may be the best choice for you. A set of such dodgem need to pay $1100-$1200.

Besides, if you plan to buy it in bulk. As long as the quantity is more than three, we can give you a discount of USD$50 per bumper car. However, if you are prefer to buy a inflatable battery dodgem for your snow theme park, it may take you $1100-$1600.

Battery Dodgems for Your Indoor and Outdoor Venues

battery powered bumper car for sale

The more important reason we recommend you invest in a battery-powered bumper car is that it is not limited by venue. Unlike the grid bumper car, it doesn’t need a special floor or ceiling. Just a flat cement or asphalt road and the bumper car freedom is possible. This is also the biggest difference between the battery dashing car and the grid electric bumper car rides.

What’s more, you don’t need to build a special floor for the battery dodgems, which saves your budget to a great extent. Whether you use them in your indoor shopping mall, outdoor amusement park, even in your backyard, the battery bumper cars are suitable.

Where to Buy Battery Powered Bumper Car

The bumper car factory, DINIS has been manufacturing the best battery bumper cars for 20 years. We commit to designing battery dodgem cars suitable for various venues. At present. there are more than a dozen styles of battery bumper cars produced in our factory. They have diverse shapes, and complete functions. Additionally, we can provide you with the customized service to make a dodgem belong only to your company. Moreover, choosing us and you can also enjoy the best and most considerable after-sale service. We provide lifetime technical support for our products. If you have any questions during the purchase and use of the battery bumper car, please feel free to contact us at any time.

battery powered dodgem rides

Generally speaking, investing in a battery-powered bumper car is very worthwhile. It operates without location restrictions, requiring only a flat cement road. Moreover, a full charge can keep your business for a day. Would you like to purchase such fun rides for your commercial business? Contact us now for bulk discounts!

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