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amusement park electric dodgems for sale

The Skynet electric cars are considered the most classic bumper car, popular in amusement parks, malls and other entertainment venues. They consist of bumper cars, a flat floor, a top conductive grid and a control cabinet. Usually they operated by contacting the grid at the top, so the floor does not need special treatment, it can just be flat. Therefore, it is convenient for you to choose a venue for installing Skynet powered amusement bumper cars.

Additionally, since there is no power grid on the ground, subsequent maintenance is relatively easy. DINIS manufactures antique bumper cars for sale. Would you like to know how they work? What to look out for when using them outdoors? The answers can be found in the following article.

Antique Bumper Cars for Sale

adult electric bumper car

DINIS launches antique bumper cars for your business. First, their overall appearance is very retro and cool, with the style of a traditional sport car or go-kart. Additionally, we install a conductive rod at the back of its body, which makes it special. Meanwhile, this conductive rod plays an important role in its operation. The top of the conductive rod must be in close contact with the power grid for the bumper car to operate normally.

Secondly, it is safe and reliable for you to enjoy. By elevating the power circuits, the risk of riders being exposed to electricity is minimized. Furthermore, the operating speed is moderate, not exceeding 12km/h, which is very suitable for family entertainment.

We have also equipped each vintage skynet dodgem with many colorful lights and installed a USB music player in the control box. Just press the start button on the control box, your customers can enjoy a dual gaming experience of seeing and hearing.

Multi-functional Skynet Bumper Car: Free Combination of 1 and 2 Seat

1 seat electric dashing car

DINIS offers a variety of skynet-powered bumper cars with different seating capacities, to suit individual preferences and needs. This allows customers to choose the perfect ride, whether they prefer the independence of a single-seater or the companionship of a double-seater. Additionally, DINIS offers the ability to mix and match two types of dodgems to create a personalized experience.

For example, driving the single-seat dodgem cabin giving you the sense of control of having the steering wheel in your own hands. And riding a two-seat dashing car with your child will be a different kind of experience. It will immerse you in the interactive fun and bring shared happy time to your family. The ability to combine these styles means that a venue can simultaneously cater to thrill seekers who enjoy independent rides as well as families looking for shared entertainment.

5 Key Benefits of Our Bumper Car Engine

The skynet bumper car ride manufactured by our factory adopts advanced motor technology. It can not only bring you wonderful entertainment experience, but excellent operating performance. Here are some of the outstanding advantages of our bumper car engines:

  • High-efficiency conversion: Our motor design adopts a high-efficiency energy conversion system. It can provide enough power to push the bumper car with low energy consumption, ensuring quick response and maintaining a stable speed in intense games.
  • Super long durability: Made of high-quality materials and precise craftsmanship, the bumper car engine can maintain excellent performance even under long-term operation and frequent use. This means that our bumper cars have low maintenance cost and long service life, providing more value to your business.
  • Safe speed control: To ensure the safety of visitors, we have equipped the bumper car engine with an intelligent speed control system. This system allows your customers to adjust the speed, limiting the bumper car to a safe speed range while providing the driver with a sufficient sense of speed.
  • Flexible directional control: The motor works perfectly with our steering system to ensure that the bumper car can change direction smoothly. This improves the sensitivity of control, allowing the driver to move more freely around the bumper car venue.
  • Environmental protection and energy saving: We are committed to producing environmentally friendly and energy-saving entertainment equipment. Our motor design fully considers the energy efficiency ratio. This not only reduces the energy consumption of your bumper car venue, but also contributes to protecting the environment.

How do the Overhead Grid Classic Bumper Cars Work?

The design of the bumper cars powered by the top grid is very unique. They do not need a special metal floor to operate like the ground grid bumper cars. Our skynet dodgem obtains energy from a power grid above and the ground. Think of it as if there is a large grid on the ceiling, like a spider web, and the floor can also conduct electricity. The grid is connected to the positive electricity and the floor is connected to the negative electricity, forming a large circuit that can provide power.

When you sit in the bumper car, you will notice that there is a stick on the roof. As you drive, the top of the stick will touch the grid on the ceiling. At the same time, the bottom of the bumper car will touch the floor. This allows electricity to flow from the grid in the ceiling, through the bumper cars, to the floor, powering the bumper car’s motor. It’s this motor that makes the bumper car move so you can crash it around.

There is no need to worry about safety issues, because we use very low voltage. So even if the grid and ground are exposed, it is very safe. What’s more, you can control the speed and direction. Hold the steering wheel firmly and the accelerator is at your feet, just like driving a real car.

What should I Pay Attention to When Using Skynet Bumper Car Outdoors?

Our skynet powered amusement bumper cars are suitable for both indoor and outdoor venues. However, there are more uncontrollable factors (such as weather changes, sun and rain, etc.) when used in an outdoor environment than when used indoors. So, if you prefer to use them outdoors, we suggest you consider the following aspects:

  • Build a waterproof roof. To keep rain out, it’s best to build a waterproof roof over the skynet dodgem car.
  • Fix the electrical grid. Since the wind may be strong outdoors, the top grid of the bumper car must have a stable structure to prevent it from overturning.
  • Clear obstacles promptly. When using bumper cars outdoors, debris such as garbage bags or tissues may blow onto the ground. You should remove these obstacles immediately to maintain a clean area. This will ensure smooth operation of the dashing cars and a positive experience for your customers.
Outdoor dashing car

In general, it only takes 3 simple steps to safely operate your skynet bumper cars outdoors. These methods will not only help increase your revenue, but will also help improve the user experience so they can enjoy the bumper cars even on rainy days.

electric dodgem ride floor

After seeing this, do you also want to buy a vintage bumper car skynet powered for your amusement park business? DINIS supports you to freely combine the styles of the dodgem cars with 1 or 2 seats. Moreover, the skynet bumper cars are suitable for various locations, including indoors and outdoors. Just pay attention to waterproofing measures for the bumper car skynet if you use it outdoors.

In addition to Skynet bumper cars, DINIS also specializes in producing ground grid bumper cars and battery-operated bumper cars, each with its unique advantages in use. If you’re still uncertain about how to choose the right bumper car solution for your venue, don’t wait any longer, come and contact us. DINIS, as a professional team, is dedicated to offering you customized solutions. Our goal is to ensure that your amusement venue delivers a superior and secure entertainment experience.

If you are interested in our skynet bumper car ride, please contact us now and get the latest quote!

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