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Would you like to buy a ride on train ride for your indoor or outdoor business? DINIS factory has designed small to large scale of ride on trains for sale for you to choose from. They are powered by electric or battery, suitable for small amusement park, garden, water park, and city park. In addition, it is also feasible to raise the track of the small ride on train supports and use it in water park. Moreover, the moderate speed and comfortable seat material are very friendly to families with children. Come to DINIS and choose a rideable train for your venues!

Small to Large Ride on Trains for Different Venues

Mini Cartoon Ride on Train in Your Amusement Park

Mini cartoon style rideable kids train with track is running in an amusement park. From a distance, it looks like several fire trucks are extinguishing a fire in a house.

However, as you get closer, you will find a burning building in the middle of the miniature train. Several little firefighters are turning the fire extinguisher on the riding train to put out the fire. The train travels on a track encircling the house, ensuring it can extinguish fires wherever they occur. More importantly, the train appearance looks just like a real fire truck, giving children unlimited imagination and pleasure.

Taking your children to ride such a train can not only popularize fire safety knowledge to them. It can also develop children’s imagination and exercise their practical skills. So, how could it not be worthwhile to buy a mini rideable train for kids?

Small Rideable Garden Trains for Sale

garden ride on train

Small ride on garden trains for sale are available in DINIS! This ride-on train is outstanding and has a different riding style than other trains. It requires you to ride on the body of the train, just like sitting on the back of a horse. Sounds pretty crazy, right? Actually, it runs smoothly and safely at a moderate speed. You can rest assured to sit on it and grab the armrest in front of every seat. Then, as the train moves slowly, beautiful scenery will appear before your eyes.

Imagine that you are walking in the sea of flowers, all your worries and unhappiness will disappear at this moment. Moreover, due to its small size, tourists can take pictures and interact with the flowers as much as they want. If you are planning to purchase a train for your garden, we highly recommend you to choose this small train.

Large Riding Locomotive Rides for City Park

Do you still have confusion about which train to choose for your city park? DINIS manufactures a classic large ride-on train that is perfect for park. Its size is relatively large among ride-on trains, and it also runs on a track. Plus, it also looks like a real traditional passenger train. But the big rideable train cars have a great difference with the closed cars of traditional trains. It has only open passenger compartments, allowing visitors an unobstructed sightseeing experience. Train rides with this design are becoming increasingly popular in various parks.

In addition, the large ride on trains for sale is very suitable for families, and can accommodate 16 groups of families. Moreover, the independent two-seater car also retains private space for each family. Therefore, using it in your city park for sightseeing can be a nice choice!

Ride on Steam Train for your Backyard Business

Want to buy a rideable steam train for your backyard business? Come and see DINIS! We design the backyard train with smoke effect to make it more fun for people to ride. This smoke effect comes from the electronic cigarette machine we equipped for the backyard train ride. The smoke released by electronic cigarettes is different from that of traditional cigarettes. It is safe and does not contain nicotine or other harmful substances. So you don’t have to worry about it.

Besides, using the steam train in your backyard can attract the attention of tourists, especially children, increasing the attraction and fun of the train. Through the effects of old-fashioned steam trains, children can feel as if they are riding on a real steam train.

Battery Operated Ride on Trains for Sale

Considering that some ride on trains have to run long distances, we have installed durable lithium battery packs on them to facilitate continuous power supply. Such as the ride on garden train and large rideable tourist park train, they are not limited by the regional circuit. As long as you fully charge its battery, the riding train will operate for over two days.

Moreover, the lithium battery is not affected by memory effect. Even if you charge it for a while before use, it will not cause any damage to the battery. When used properly, lithium batteries can last more than 3 years. One thing you need to note is that do not overcharge or overdischarge the battery, which may cause irreversible damage.

Dinis Sells Riding Trains for Children and Adults

Ride on trains for sale from our factory are safe and comfortable for kids and adults. Their speed is moderate, and not more than 7km/h. What’s more, the speed and running time can be controlled by yourself, which is very convenient. Additionally, the seats of the rideable train are made of high-quality antiseptic wood or artificial leather material. They are comfortable to sit on, and easy to clean for you.

Moreover, the lithium battery is not affected by memory effect. Even if you charge it for a while before use, it will not cause any damage to the battery. When used properly, lithium batteries can last more than 3 years. One thing you need to note is that do not overcharge or overdischarge the battery, which may cause irreversible damage.

Elevated Rideable Train Track for Water Park

Do you prefer to buy a train ride whose track that can be raised in your water park? The small ride on train can meet your requirements.

ride on train track in water park

The compact and lightweight design of the track enables a straightforward installation at a modest height, which increases its user-friendliness for passengers. Even in some water lotus garden or water theme park in some scenic spots, you can also enjoy the joyful rideable trains.

Moreover, the track is made of hot-dip galvanized steel material, which is strong, durable and corrosion-resistant. In addition, we can also customize the ride on train track according to the actual conditions of your site.

And if you have the need of installation Instruction for your water park riding train track, we can arrange an professional technical staff to help you ensure the train to run smoothly.

In general, our ride on trains for sale with different styles and complete functions are suitable for use in various venues. No matter where you use it in, such as the park, backyard, mall or other entertainment venues, the riding train can bring good profit for you. For more than 20 years, DINIS has always dedicated to designing and manufacturing track trains rideable and trackless trains for kids and adults. We have enough strength to prove that we can produce the best quality train ride for you. Should you have an interest in our train rides, we welcome you to submit an inquiry at your convenience!

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