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Mini carousel kiddie ride is on sale at DINIS! There are 3 styles for you to choose from, such as the luxurious 3-seater carousel, the 6-seater palace style and the small ocean–themed carousel. They are compact and run at a low speed, very suitable for children. In addition, we make the horse seats from high-quality fiberglass, which is light and durable. Even if you want to change the location of the mini carousels in the future, it won’t be a problem. What’s more, you can buy a small carousel ride like this at our factory for only $1900- $2500!

mini luxury carousel

3/ 6-Seater Mini Carousel for Kids

Do you want to choose a mini size carousel for your children? DINIS provides you with 3 choice for the mini merry go round, the 3-seater, and 6-seater carousel for sale. Their exquisite appearance and special shapes are very popular with little girls and boys. Unlike adult-style carousels, mini children’s carousels are designed to be more colorful and cute, which can capture children’s preference at first sight.

Moreover, their seats are usually low and run very slowly, making them very safe for children. Decorated with colorful lights and installed with sound effect, the mini carousel looks very charming especially for kids. If you are running a children business, purchasing a mini carousel will enrich your venue projects and attract more customers.

3 Horse Luxury Mini Carousel Ride

Although this 3-seater mini carousel can only accommodate 3 people, it still looks luxurious and exquisite in design. We designed the canopy in a royal style, and there is a cute child playing the guitar, which looks very cute. In addition, there are three galloping ponies installed on the bottom plate. They are painted in bright colors and look lively, which is very attractive to children. Imagine if your child sees such a cute carousel, he/she will definitely want to experience it.

Style Max Capacity Material Voltage Motor Power Speed Operating Time Diameter Height Space Area
3-seater mini carousel 100-500kg Fiberglass, Steel 220V 500W 4r-6r/min or adjustable 3 minutes or adjustable 1.4m 2.6m 1.5m*1.5m

6 Riders Palace Style Merry-go-round

Another mini carousel ride, the mini palace style carousel can accommodate 6 people. It is very elegant and refined like a real castle. From a distance, you can see that beautiful rubies inlay the top of the castle, surrounded by pink drapes. Under the castle, there are some cute ponies running. When girls ride on the horses, it looks like they are all the princesses who live in the castle. What a beautiful scene!

6 Seat Palace Style Carousel for Sale
Style Max Capacity Material Voltage Motor Power Speed Operating Time Diameter Height Space Area
6-seater Palace style mini carousel 100-500kg Fiberglass, Steel 220V/ 380V 1.5KW 4r-6r/min or adjustable 3 minutes or adjustable 3.3m 2.8m 3m*3m

Ocean-themed Small Carouse for 6 People

If you want to buy a mini merry-go-round that both girls and boys will like, choose the Sea World Mini Carouse might be a good choice. Decorated with various sea creatures, it looks very interesting and lovely. In addition, we made the seats not in the shape of traditional horses, but in the shapes of dolphins, hippos, mermaids, etc. Each creature is crafted to look lifelike and resemble the real thing. This is undoubtedly very attractive to children.

When your kids look it, they may wonder what is it and want to experience it. This not only stimulates children’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge, but also expands their unlimited imagination. Therefore, this ocean carousel ride is a very good cognitive game for children ages 3-16.

Style Max Capacity Material Voltage Motor Power Speed Operating Time Diameter Height Space Area
6-seater Ocean-themed mini carousel 100-500kg Fiberglass, Steel 220V/ 380V 1.5KW 4r-6r/min or adjustable 3 minutes or adjustable 3.3m 2.8m 3m*3m

Mini Carousel Fiberglass Horse

mini carnival carousel horse

Our carousel horses are made of high-quality fiberglass. This material has a light weight and high strength, which means it is convenient for you to move venues. Moreover, even if you sit on it, it won’t crush the carousel horse. The whole machine can bear the weight of 400kg, very strong and durable. Moreover, the fiberglass can withstand wind, sun, rain and other natural environmental factors well. We also used professional automotive paint technology to bake the outer shell of this kids carousel. It will not fade even if you use it outdoors, which is very friendly to your outdoor funfair business.

Besides, DINIS supports you to customize various shapes of the carousel horse. Fiberglass is easy to mold, so we create it in a variety of shapes. Furthermore, the seat of the mini carousel ride does not need to be shaped like a traditional horse. It can be anything, like horse carriage, mermaid, elk, dolphin, seahorse, etc. The carousel seat and shell made of the fiberglass is also friendly to children. We carefully polish its shell before painting to ensure that every detail of it is smooth. Before painting the fiberglass carousel, we carefully sand its surface to make every corner smooth. This careful process demonstrates our high standards for product quality and our commitment to our customers.

ocean park carousel horse

Customized Coin Operated Mini Carousels in Mall

Do you want to customize a coin-operated carousel that is easy to manage for your mall? A coin operated small carousel ride is available in our factory. It looks no different from an electric mini carousel except for the way it works. Moreover, it is very convenient for you to manager. As long as someone puts in a coin, it will run automatically without any management, saving your efforts and worries.

Additionally, you can set or change the time to run after each coin is inserted. We have also equipped the kiddie carousel ride with several safety features, including automatic locking devices. Moreover, we have incorporated emergency stop buttons to actively and safely halt the equipment when necessary, ensuring user safety even when the ride is left unattended. This thoughtful design reflects our deep concern for user safety and rigorous attitude toward product responsibility.

How Much does a Mini Carousel Ride Cost?

Want to know about the children mini carousel prices? You can refer to the following price table we listed for different styles and specifications of mini carousel rides.

Styles Capacity Price / set
Luxury Carousel Ride 3 seats $1900- $2500
Palace Style Merry-go-round 6 seats $4200- $6000
Ocean-themed Carousel 6 seats $4200- $6000

From the table, we can see that if you want to buy a mini carousel for kids, the minimum price is only about $1900 to $2500. The mini carousel purchased at this price is a great value for money. If you have a small budget but still want to buy a carousel for kids to enhance the appeal of your playground or shopping mall. We recommend you to choose the 3-seater kids mini carousel which is cheap and can provide children with a good riding experience.

However, if you want to purchase a larger carousel for your indoor or outdoor venue with enough funds, the 6-seat carousel may be a good choice. Judging from past customer feedback, both the 6-seater rides are popular. But compared to the general population, boys tend to choose the Ocean World, while girls prefer the Palace Style. These 2 carousel rides have the same specification and the price is similar. So, you can choose whichever according to your practical requirements and preferences.

Electric Small Merry-go-round Wholesale Supplier

DINIS’s best mini carousels are on sale! As a powerful amusement carousel manufacturer, we support you to order mini carousels in bulk. What’s more important, we solemnly promise to give you the most affordable factory price and absolutely no second-hand dealers.

From our company, you can buy diverse styles of carousel rides, no matter how small or big. And you can also customize a theme carousel ridethat showcases your brand’s features. In addition, you can enjoy 1-year carousel warranty and lifetime free technical support from us. And I believe this is something that many dealers cannot provide you. Choose DINIS, you will not be disappointed!

If you would like to get a more detailed small carousel quote, come and send us an inquiry!

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