British Custom Carousel Longines Style for Indoor Playground

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3 months ago, on a clear moonlit night, a British customer contacted us via WhatsApp through our website. During our delightful conversation, he inquired about the price of our custom carousel for the Longines watch company. Additionally, he mentioned that he owned an indoor amusement park. And he was interested in customizing a luxury carousel ride with his company’s logo in our factory, just like the longines carousel. We confirmed his idea and were delighted to receive his call.

DINIS, a Skilled Custom Carousel Manufacturer and Supplier

How to build a custom carousel

At first, the client had several questions regarding the materials and craftsmanship of the carousel. Meanwhile, we noticed that he was concerned about the safety of the carousel equipment. To ease his worries, we sent him some detailed pictures of our equipment manufacturing. Moreover, we assured him that our company is a state-certified high-tech enterprise with more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing merry-go-rounds. In addition, we have a mature and skilled design and manufacturing team that you can trust for safety and reliability.

High-quality Amusement Park Carousel for Sale, Made of Fiberglass and Steel

Additionally, we stressed that we manufacture our carousels using a fiberglass shell reinforced with a steel framework. And it ensures both durability and longevity of your custom carousel. Fiberglass is made of premium materials and undergoes meticulous processes of coating, sanding, painting, and baking to ensure absolute reliability.

With proper use and maintenance, the carousel should remain in excellent condition without damage for more than 8 years. Moreover, we provide you with a one-year custom carousel warranty. Additionally, the special paint used for baking is resistant to fading even with prolonged exposure to the elements.

British Custom Carousel Longines Style

16-seat Newly Designed Custom Carousel, Purchase Price $10,500-$15,000

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Then, the client expressed a desire to customize a carousel resembling the design of the Longines carousel. He also requested that his company’s logo can be placed on the canopy. We gladly accepted this suggestion and spent next few days working on the design he envisioned.

After a few changes and his feedback, we finalized a unique 16-seat customize carousel like the Longines Carousel, with a total quote of $10,500-$15,000. It includes 7 large horses, 7 ponies, and a carriage for two people.

This exquisite British custom carousel Longines style is suitable for both adults and children. What’s more, it is convenient for you to operate this vintage carousel ride. You can adjust its speed and duration from the electric control box.

Today, this British custom carousel Longines style is running smoothly in his indoor playground in London. The customer is very content with the amusement custom carousel. Moreover, he expresses an interest in purchasing more rides from our factory in the future.

DINIS Provides You the Best Carousel and Other Amusement Rides

Choosing DINIS means choosing a versatile amusement ride manufacturer. We offer 3 to 36 seat customized mini carousels and large merry-go-round, as well as other attractions such as amusement trains, bumper cars, and flying chairs. Recently, DINIS unveiled a luxurious double-decker carousel at an exhibition in Beijing that received much attention and admiration from investors.

If you have an interest in acquiring a luxury carousel for your venue, please feel free to send us a quote.

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