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kiddie roller coaster for sale

Attractive kids roller coaster for sale at DINIS! Do you want to buy fun roller coasters with various styles and bright colors for your kids? DINIS has designed and manufactured diverse kids roller coasters, such as Space Shuttle, Wild Boar Coaster, Zoo Shuttle, Ant Coaster,etc. They are compact and run at a moderate speed. In addition, they made of high quality fiberglass with a smooth shell, very safe for children. Buying a fun kids roller coaster minimum cost about US$10,000 to US$15,000. They can accommodate 20 kids, suitable for your indoor and outdoor venues.

Mini Kids Roller Coaster for Sale

Have you ever seen mini roller coaster at an amusement park or anywhere else? In our impression, traditional roller coasters are usually large and thrilling to ride, and are generally not suitable for children. But in order to meet the needs of children, our company designs really small kid roller coasters. Although with a compact size, they can usually accommodate 20 children.

childs ride on roller coaster price

Besides, there is another advantage for you to buy a mini kids roller coaster. Because of its small size, it won’t take up much of your space. This means that buying such a roller coaster can leave you with valuable area for other rides. For example, if you have extra in your facility, you might consider adding a mini merry-go-round or a mini Ferris wheel, or a self-control plane ride for children.

Not only does this make the most of the available area, but it also gives kids with a wider variety of entertainment options. In addition, mini roller coasters are less expansive to purchase and maintain than traditional large roller coasters. This can save your investment costs to a great extent and bring you considerable returns. Thus, it is very worthwhile to buy a mini roller coaster for your little customers.

kids indoor roller coaster

Best Commercial Children Roller Coaster for Sale

Do you want your roller coaster to be usable by kids, whether indoors or outdoors? DINIS offers you the best kids roller coaster for sale. They are vivid in shape and color, and can catch children’s attention at a glance. For example, the cute animal-themed, space-themed and car-shaped roller coasters are suitable for children, which we often recommend to our customers.

If you use this stunning kids roller coaster in your venue, it must be a beautiful scenery. It can increase customer return rate and improve the visibility of your mall. Meanwhile, it can also bring a steady stream of profits and make your commercial space stand out from the rest of the industry.

DINIS Designs Safe and Family-Friendly Customizable Roller Coasters for Children

kid roller coaster material

Besides, the most important thing you may want to know is the safety of children on commercial roller coasters. We have equipped all roller coaster cars with safety belts and it can provide safety protection for children to a certain extent. In addition, we use child-friendly fiberglass materials and advanced safety technology when manufacturing roller coasters. The fiberglass material is strong and wear-resistant. Also, the body of each roller coaster has been carefully polished to ensure that it will not scratch or bump children.

Moreover, they run at a relatively moderate speed, about 8-13km/h. And the speed of the roller coaster can be adjusted according to your actual needs. In this way, children can enjoy the speed and excitement of roller coasters while feeling safe and comfortable.

Additionally, we designed the roller coaster car to accommodate 2 people. It allows children to invite their parents to enjoy the wonderful roller coaster adventure together. What’s more, the track construction of children’s roller coasters is generally not high, so children will not be afraid to ride it. Moreover, DINIS supports you to customize your kids roller coaster, including track dimensions and height, as well as its appearance. So, if you want to purchase a playful and safe roller coaster ride for kids, why not try to contact us?

kids ride on coaster manufacturer

Kid Roller Coasters Online Prices

DINIS promises you the best kids roller coaster at the lowest factory price. Regarding the specification prices of different styles of kids roller coasters for sale, you can refer to the table below.

Please Note: The following table is for reference only. If you would like to know the detailed price, please feel free to send us an inquiry.

Style Capacity Material Power Voltage Area Size Speed Height Price
Space Shuttle Roller Coaster 24 People Fiberglass+ Steel 7.5KW 380V 16*8m or customized Adjustable 2.5m $10,000- $19,000/set
Animal-themes shuttle roller coaster 20 /30 People Fiberglass+ Steel 6KW 380V 16*8m or customized Adjustable 2.5m $20,000- $25,000/set
Car-shaped shuttle roller coaster 24-32 people Fiberglass+ Steel 4-5KW 380V 14*6m or customized Adjustable 2.5m $11,000- $15,000/set

Where I can Buy a Kid Roller Coaster

Do you want to buy a mini kids roller coaster for sale? DINIS has designed and manufactured roller coasters for kids with various styles. DINIS has been manufacturing roller coasters for children for more than 20 years. Our professional design team provides roller coaster solutions for every amusement park investor.

children's roller coaster

Whether you want to purchase a small children’s roller coaster or a large adult roller coaster for your venue, Dinis can customize it for your venue. Moreover, we also offer a one-year warranty on our equipment. And we promise that no matter when you encounter technical doubts, DINIS will try our best to answer them for you. Satisfying every customer is the goal of DINIS and our constant motivation.

The Carnival Ride ‘Ant Train’ Is Also Suitable for Kids

The children roller coasters have won the love of countless children with their undulating tracks and heart-pounding turns. Not only do they allow children to experience the thrill of flying, but they also teach them to bravely face heights and speeds while staying safe. However, not all children are ready to face the thrill of roller coasters. For children who prefer a gentle, slow experience, we offers a perfect option.

Amusement ant train kiddie rides for sale

Our green ant mini track train, made of fiberglass, are also suitable for kids. It looks like a mini roller coaster. However, its track is usually single layer and very close to the ground, so children will not feel suspended. This design takes into account the needs of children who seek stability. Meanwhile, it ensures that every child on board can enjoy the journey with laughter and laughter. Besides, it is also controlled by an electric control box. And you freely change its speed and running time. Therefore, it is very convenient for you. Buying a green ant kids train with track needs $8,000-$12,000. It can accommodate 14-16 people, suitable for children aged 3-12 years old.

Last, I believe through the gentle track train experience, children can slowly build up their interest and confidence in the rides. And prepare for the challenge of more exciting children’s roller coasters in the future. Whether they are just starting to try rides or are ready to experience more excitement, kids roller coasters and track trains are an essential part of their growth. They add endless fun to children’s entertainment life, and also promote their psychological growth and accumulation of courage.

Amusement park ride on train for kids

Are you thinking about buying a kiddie roller coasters for your venue? DINIS offers a wide range of child-friendly roller coasters. They are stylish, affordable, and easy for you to operate. Investing in such a mini roller coaster can help you maximize profits in a limited space. If you are interested in our kids roller coaster for sale, come and send us an inquiry!

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