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Are you still hesitating about what amusement ride to buy for your theme park or mall? Why not take a look at tagada ride for sale, which is exciting for both adults and children? There are 8/ 16/ 24/ 30 tagada carnival rides for different investors with different requirements. They are available in DINIS, with affordable price from $5,000-$29,000. Moreover, we design them in moderate height and the speed can be adjusted by yourself.

In addition, their appearance is bright and attractive, and the game experience is unique and interesting. No matter where you use it, it can bring you good traffic and considerable profits. Besides, DINIS will recommend you the most appropriate transportation method to save costs and ensure that our tagada can be delivered to you safely.

8/16/24/30 Carnival Tagada Ride for Sale

DINIS provides investors with different tagada ride for sale of 8, 16, 24 and 30 seat to meet their different needs. They have exquisite looks and various styles, popular among children and adults. In general, the tagada ride for sale includes an external guardrail, a background, a step, and a rotating disco tagada ride.

Besides, we have also painted them colorfully, and equipped them with bright lights and dynamic music. When you experience it, you will have the pleasure of dancing in a disco. Sometimes you will also feel as if you are on a pirate ship that is bumping up and down in the sea. That feeling is so subtle that it leaves you with an endless aftertaste.

Specifications of the Disco Tagada Mechanical Rides?

Do you want to know more detailed information about the different sizes of the amusement park tagadas? To help you to choose the best tagada rides for your business, DINIS provides the specifications of the 8, 16, 24 and 30 seat Tagadas for your reference.

Style 8-Seater Tagada 16-Seater Tagada 24-Seater Tagada 30-Seater Tagada
Wheel Diameter 2.2m 3m 4m 5m
Operating Height 1.8m 1.8m 1.8m 1.8m
Power 12kw 22kw 28kw 30kw
Magnitude of Inclination 0-11.5 Degree 0-11.5 Degree 0-11.5 Degree 0-11.5 Degree
Rotation Speed 8-12rpm 8-12rpm 8-12rpm 8-12rpm
Material High-quality  fiberglass and steel High-quality  fiberglass and steel High-quality  fiberglass and steel High-quality  fiberglass and steel
Lights & Music LED lights, music system LED lights, music system LED lights, music system LED lights, music system

We can clearly see from the table that as the seating capacity of a Tagada ride increases, its diameter also increases. This means that in order to accommodate more people, we need to expand the equipment. However, the running heights of these different Disco Tagadas are basically the same. This way, no matter which tagada you sit on, you can feel a similar safety and comfort height.

Additionally, they can be controlled manually or automatically. You can set the running time, and you can also start or stop the ride according to your needs. Therefore, it is convenient for you to purchase such a tagada ride to run your business.

DINIS Manufactures Amusement Tagada Ride with an Affordable Factory Price

Do you want to buy a tagada ride for sale? DINIS, the amusement ride manufacturer sells the most affordable tagada rides. At DINIS, “Affordable Factory Price” isn’t just a phrase—it’s our commitment to you. We believe that high-quality amusement rides should be accessible to all entertainment businesses, regardless of size. That’s why we offer our customers with direct factory pricing, eliminating unnecessary middlemen and additional costs.

To give you an idea of how affordable our factory prices are, here are the price ranges for various Tagada rides :

Please Note: The following table is for reference only. If you want to know the detailed price, please feel free to send us an inquiry.

Scale 8-Seater Tagada 24-Seater Tagada 16-Seater Tagada 30-Seater Tagada
Price $5,000-$6,000 $11,500-$15,000  $22,500-$25,500  $26,000-$29,000

By the way, all Tagada rides from our factory are made of premium fiberglass and steel, strong and durable. This means you can use it for a long time under the correct operation. Moreover, it is very important to you because its quality is directly related to the safety of your passengers. At the same time, it also reduces your subsequent maintenance times and cost. Therefore, in my opinion, DINIS’s carnival tagada ride for sale is a great value for money and affordable.

How to Transport the Tagada Ride for Sale from China to Your Country?

Do you want to know how to transport our large Tagada ride from the factory to your country? Our factory is located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, central China. Based on the shipping cost, we usually choose the sea transportation method.

tagada ride seats

However, if you have urgent needs, we can also choose road or rail transportation. But we need to consider whether it is feasible to choose this method from our country to yours. We will also give priority to transportation costs and recommend the most suitable transportation method for you.

For example, we will choose the closest shipping port for you based on your location. Of course, you can also choose to specify other ports of shipping in China.

Meanwhile, we need you to provide a specific shipping address to help us to calculate the shipping cost and time. Our customer service team will estimate the shipping cost based on your address and communicate with you in detail.

Besides, we will also wrap your tagada ride with 3-5 layers of good bubble wrap. Then we will place it into a container of suitable size. Normally, a 32-seat large Tagada ride requires a 40HQ container, while an 8-seat mini tagada can be put into a 20GP container. This way our tagada ride for sale can be shipped to you safely and perfectly.

In addition, we will also provide you with with 12 months quality assurance and lifetime technical support for the tagada. During this period, if there is any quality problem, we will solve it for you as soon as possible. So that you can use our equipment with confidence and pleasure.

Choose Tagada Rides for Kids, Adults and Families

Choose Tagada Rides for Kids, Adults and Families

kid tagada ride mini

If you’re trying to choose a right tagada for your kids, the mini 8 seat tagada ride may be the best choice. Firstly, it shakes moderately, giving children a stimulating experience without harm to children. Secondly, its seats are soft and equipped with protective rails around the perimeter, very safe for children. Thirdly, this tagada is designed in bright and attractive colors, and the background panel is a cartoon pattern that children like.

What’s more, riding on the small tagada has lots of benefits for children. It can not only stimulate children’s imagination, but also help to exercise their physical strength.

24/ 30 Seat Big Tagada Carnival Rides for Excitement-seeking Young People

Another choice, if you are looking for a more exciting carnival ride, we sincerely recommend you to choose a 24- or 30-seat disco tagada. It has a large capacity, and enough space to allow customers and passengers to dance or play at will. It can also provide your customers with a more exciting experience with faster spins and higher bounces. Besides, an advantage for you is that it can bring you very considerable profits at one time.

tagada ride manufacturer

Family Perfect Choice: the 16 Seat Disco Tagada Ride for Sale

DINIS tagada ride for sale

The final suggestion, the 16-seater model can be a versatile compromise. It’s big enough to provide great stimulation for adults while not being too scary for older kids. Moreover, the safety features of these models are very strong. and ensure that all riders can enjoy their riding experience with peace of mind.

What Other Ride is as Exciting as a Tagada Amusement Park?

If you still want to add an exciting mechanical ride to your theme park, take a look at the Disco Coaster!

amusement park disco coaster

It is also popular with tourists looking for thrilling experience. It usually consists of a circular or oval track with a turntable-like platform in the middle, and visitors sit in seats on the platform. During playing, the platform will slide back and forth on the track, and the seat itself will also rotate. This design allows passengers to experience both the high-speed sliding sensation of a roller coaster and the fun of rotation. Moreover, it also has music and lighting effect that create a carnival party atmosphere.

In addition, we have installed comfortable seats and safety belts to make it suitable for both young people and families. In general, Disco Coaster is an amusement project that combines speed, music, light and shadow. If you decide to buy both the tagada and the disco cosater, your customers will definitely get a unique experience in your park.

disko coaster

In conclusion, at DINIS, you can not only choose the tagada ride with 8-32 seats that best suits your business, but also enjoy the most affordable ex-factory price. Moreover, our after-sales service is also commendable. No matter what your needs are, our after-sales service personnel will wholeheartedly provide you with suggestions and solutions. Besides, you can also find other mechanical rides in our factory, such as the roller coaster, flying chair, and so on. DINIS, for more than 20 years, has been committed to providing the highest quality products and the best services to amusement industry investors. And choosing us means that you have chosen a mature and skilled amusement rides manufacturer.

If you are interested in our tagada ride, please send us an inquiry at any time!

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