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The Disco Coaster, a very exciting ride, is available in some large amusement parks. It looks like a large disk sliding on a curved track, very interesting and charming. Normally, it can accommodate 24 people at a time and runs at a speed of 11r/min. Buying a set of such equipment at DINIS costs about $48,000-$54,000.

Besides, we weld the discs and tracks from high-quality steel. Moreover, we also construct the exterior shell and decoration from premium fiberglass, which ensures durability, comfort, and a pleasing appearance. Therefore, it is very friendly to your customers to experience the disco ride for sale. In addition, DINIS also provides more exciting equipment, such as flying chairs, pendulums for sale, disco tagada rides, etc.

24 seat disco coaster

Amusement Park Large Disco Coaster Design

disco coaster ride seats

Have you ever seen a large flying disk’o ride gliding along a track in an amusement park? Usually, it is designed to be both expansive and towering, with an area of 25*11m and a height of 8m. All this ensures a thrilling experience for the riders. In fact, it consists of a massive circular platform and a U-shaped or semi-circular track. Besides, there are numerous motorcycle seats lining the edge of the disk. If you want to experience this thrilling disc coaster ride, you have to sit on these motorcycles facing outwards. Then fasten your seat belt or safety bar, and grab the handles.

As the ride begins, the large disc moves back and forth along the track and your platform rotates as well. This unique design allows you to feel the exhilaration of both centrifugal force and gravitational acceleration. Moreover, we’ve also equipped this ride with dynamic music and bright lighting effects to enhance the passenger experience. Furthermore, its bright colors and large size make it a main attraction in your amusement park.

disco coaster cost

24 Seat Disco Coaster amusement Ride for Sale

This large disco coaster for sale has a medium capacity and can accommodate 24 riders at a time. In the center of the disk, we design a motorcycle rider. The rider lifts the front wheel of the motorcycle off the ground and drives with only the rear wheel. This makes the disco ride look very cool and attractive to your customers.

Besides, for some theme parks with relatively large passenger flow, such a design can help improve operational efficiency, and shorten queue times. And it can also ensure that each operation can bring fun to enough tourists. Besides, if you add a disco roller coaster, your customers will also experience the feeling of weightlessness and excitement like a motorcycle rider.

What’s the Price of the Carnival Disk’ O Coaster

Do you want to know about the disco coaster price? In order to help you understand the disco coaster ride, we have listed the price range and specifications of the disco coaster in our factory for your reference.

Please Note: The following table is for reference only. If you would like to know the detailed price, please feel free to send us an inquiry.

Name Price Range Capacity Covered Area Height Rotating Speed Max Speed Voltage Power
Disco Coaster $48,000-$54,000 24 seat 25*11m 8m 11r/min 11.9m/s 380V 25KW

By the way, you can adjust its speed and the time of each operation from its electrical control box. Besides, if your park has high foot traffic, you can set the duration of each ride to about 3 minutes to accommodate more guests. Conversely, if the venue has been less busy lately, you may choose to extend the experience to about 5 minutes. This approach not only ensures an enjoyable experience for riders, but also increases the operational efficiency of your theme park.

High-quality Disco Coaster, Made of Premium-grade Steel and Fiberglass

disco coaster cost design

The 24-seat disco coaster for sale is made entirely of high-quality steel for its tracks and turntable. This material is hard, corrosion resistant, and will stand the test of time and use. During the manufacturing process, our technicians fully weld and section weld the parts of the ride according to the blueprints. After welding, we rigorously inspect on the joints using methods, such as magnetic particle inspection or ultrasonic testing to ensure the integrity of the welds.

In addition, we make the outer shell of the turntable from fiberglass, which ensures its strength and durability. Fiberglass can be coated and molded into a variety of shapes. For example, the motorcyclist in the center of the turntable is made using fiberglass molding technology. Moreover, in addition to motorcyclists, you can also change the centerpiece of the turntable of the disco ride to your favor. After our careful polishing, its appearance is smooth and rounded. And we also used fiberglass to design its seat into an ergonomic seat. This design not only ensures that passengers will not suffer any potential injuries during the ride, but also improves the comfort of the rider.

track material of disco coaster

Where can I buy the Disco Coaster Amusement ride?

Do you want to buy a disco ride for your outdoor park? Such a disc’ o coaster is always the most hot-selling thrilling amusement ride in our company. DINIS has been manufacturing mechanical amusement rides for more than 20 years. We are not only an honest supplier, but also have excellent manufacturing technology.

disc o coaster ride manufacturer

In our company, there are professional machines and equipment to build your desired disco coaster, such as the electronic automatic cutting machine and hydraulic bending machine. Furthermore, our experienced and skilled technicians can make your coaster within 15-20 days.

Besides, the disk’ o coaster belongs to the Large Special Equipment. It must first meet the quality and safety standards of your country or region before being exported. For example, we need to obtain corresponding international certifications such as ISO, CE mark, UL certification, etc. to ensure that the equipment meets international market access requirements. Fortunately, all of these certifications are available in our company.

In addition to the above, we ensure that our equipment will function properly for over 8 years. Moreover, if you purchase the disco ride from our company, you can get a one-year warranty and lifetime technical support. I think this is something that many suppliers cannot offer you. However, DINIS’s customer service is more than that. If you have any problems during the installation or the subsequent operation of the equipment,we will still provide you with solutions wholeheartedly. Therefore, I can say with confidence that you have found a great disco coaster manufacturer.

disko coaster

Are There Any Other Exciting Rides, Like the Disco coaster?

Do you want to know more about what other stimulation devices our company manufactures? Besides the disco coaster, we also provide more other exciting carnival rides, such as the Large Pendulum Ride, Disco Tagada Ride, Swinging Ship Ride, Roller Coasters and Flying Chairs, and so on. They are exquisite in style and interesting, and are very popular among young people and adults who are looking for excitement.

In addition, gentle amusement ride are also available in DINIS, like the Track and Trackless Train Rides, Carousels, Bumper Cars, and Eelf-control Plane Ride. They are suitable for kids and adults who like a soothing experience. No matter which ride you want to choose for your theme park, you can find it in our company. Choosing DINIS could mean selecting an all-around manufacturer of amusement rides.

If you are interested in our disco coaster ride or other exciting rides, please send us an inquiry at any time!

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