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Longines Custom Carousel at the International Fair

Look, there is a luxury carousel in the center of the exhibition hall, so exquisite it is! So many kids and adults are watching the carousel and eager to try it. Obviously, it is different from traditional mini carousel in shopping mall. There are many large watches embedded in the canopy of the carousel, which make it very special. Look closely, it turns out that it is a customized carousel co-branded by Longines. Horses of various shapes are running, and some are pulling carriages.

Additionally, the overall design is sapphire blue with white horses, elegant and noble. Even at the World Expo, it is the most popular attraction among investors and visitors. If you buy one and put it in your venue, tourists will definitely rush to sit in it!

theme custom carousel ride price

In fact, this much-anticipated Longines custom-made carousel is made by a Chinese amusement rides manufacturer, DINIS. The Longines custom carousel has been exhibited around the world, from Beijing and Hong Kong to South Korea and Germany. Even after being dismantled and reassembled several times, it is still intact. From this point of view, the quality and workmanship are impeccable.

custom carousel ride in fair

DINIS Customizes Exclusive Theme Carousel for Longines

customizable ccarousel ride manufacturer

DINIS is a carousel manufacturer and supplier with skilled craftsmanship and unique design style. Two years ago, our exquisite carousel caught the attention of watch brand Longines at an exhibition.

At that time, he suggested that he hoped to customize a carousel that could highlight his corporate taste and excellent watchmaking craftsmanship. This collaboration honors us, and we commit to doing our utmost to satisfy our customers. The end result is that our Longines Custom Carousel not only met his requirements, but exceeded them in terms of exquisite beauty and superb craftsmanship.

longines custom carousel fair

Through this unique collaboration, we aim to raise the profile of both brands in their respective fields and expand our markets. The customized carousel appeals to visitors of all ages, and presents Longines in a new way. At the same time, it elevates our rides to a higher level of partnership and offers investors a wider choice of carousel designs.

The Unique Design of the Longines Carousel

In total, the Longines custom carousel for sale consists of 21 horses, including 5 large horse, 9 medium horses and 7 small horses. Moreover, as the central column rotates, 9 horses of the horses will rise and fall, giving passengers an interesting experience. In addition, we installed ten large Longines watches on the top cornice of the carousel, and marked them with the Longines brand logo. These designs make the carousel ride look high-end, elegant and full of aesthetic charm. No matter for children or adults, it is a great attraction.

design of the Longines Custom Carousel ride
custom carousel vintage wagons

Besides, we also design 2 special carriages and each of which can accommodate 2 people. Moreover, two ponies pull each car, and passengers can also choose to sit on the ponies. This unique design fulfills every customers’ fantasy, whether you dream of being a prince, a princess, or a knight protecting the princess. In addition, the color scheme is also an important element that makes the Longines carousel stand out.

During the design process, we had many discussions with Longines about the color matching of this custom carousel. In the end, we agreed on a combination of sapphire blue and elegant white. This design not only reflects the classic Longines color scheme, but also conveys a sense of luxury and exclusivity. The sapphire blue and elegant white color scheme of the brand embodies depth, sophistication, purity, and simplicity, reflecting Longines’ legacy of elegance and performance.

The Longines Custom Carousel Specification

Do you want to purchase a sophisticate carousel ride like this for your business? DINIS provides a detailed table of Longines Carousel specifications for your reference.

Note: Specifications in the following table are for reference only. Please contact us for more detailed information.

Product Name Capacity Area Size Voltage Power Speed Volume Certificate Warranty
Longines custom carousel 30 passengers 10m*8m 380V 8KW 3-5rpm, adjustable 40HQ(12m) CE, SGS, TUV 12 Months

What venues are suitable for Longines Carousel Ride?

Although the Longines Carousel is a customized carousel, it is suitable for a wide variety of businesses. In particular shopping malls or hotels, theme parks and gardens, theater and wedding events could be the perfect place for the Longines carousel. Next, let me introduce to you the benefits of using Longines Carousel in these places.

  • For large shopping malls and hotels: the Longines custom carousel will attract many families and enthusiasts to your venues thanks to its outstanding appearance. There is no doubt that increasing the time spend by customers will help to increase sales within the venue. What’s more, it can make your venues look more upscale and outstanding, thus enhancing their reputation. Besides, customers who have ridden this carousel will share it with their friends or relatives, increasing your potential customers. Meanwhile, the carousel will also bring a unique and unforgettable experience to customers.
  • For theme Parks and gardens: Our carousel acts as a beacon of nostalgia, seamlessly blending into the magical environment of your park or garden. It serves as an iconic photo opportunity that can be shared across social media, effectively promoting your location. Moreover, the Longines Carousel, with its bespoke design, can complement the existing themes within your park, enhancing the overall guest experience.
  • For theaters and weddings: A Longines Carousel adds a touch of grandeur and enchantment to your event. In theater lobbies, our carousel invites guests to enjoy a whimsical experience before or after shows. As a wedding backdrop, it can become a part of the story, creating unforgettable memories for guests.

Incorporating a Longines custom carousel into your venue is not just an investment in rides, it is an investment in elegance. Besides, it is also an investment in your brand’s reputation. Let us bring this timeless piece to your venue and see how it delights your guests and enhances their experience.

Can DINIS Customize the Carousel for My Business?

Would you like to customize a merry-go-round ride like the Longines carousel? Contact DINIS! DINIS has been manufacturing carousel rides for small, medium and large companies for more than 20 years. And our rides have received many good reviews from investors all over the world. For example, there is a real case recently for your reference. This is about a custom carousel we manufactured for a british customer for his business.

If you are interested in customizing an exclusive carousel for your business, just tell us your needs. For example, how large is your venue? What size carousel would you like to customize? For what type of business will you use the carousel— a park, shopping mall, or another venue? Knowing more will help us help you design a ride that best fits the theme of your venue.

In addition, you can also customize the capacity and color of the amusement carouse. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have an exact idea, our professional team can make a carousel solution that best suits your venue. In addition, DINIS has many pre-designed carousel styles for you to choose from, such as ocean carousels, animal carousels, and luxury carousels. They come in sizes from small to large and are suitable for both children and adults.

custom carousel family

Moreover, we support modifications based on a specific style of carousel. Besides, our company also provides other rotating equipment, such as flying chairs and family rotating equipment. No matter what ride you want to buy, you can find it in our factory. Choosing Dinis means you have chosen an excellent and reliable amusement equipment manufacturer!

If you would like a detailed quote for our Longines Custom Carousel, please feel free to send us an inquiry!

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