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viking pirate ship ride

Are you still looking for screaming pirate ship rides? Why not come to DINIS factory to have a look?

When people think of pirate ships, the image of a one-eyed pirate wearing an eye patch and standing on an old wooden deck often comes to mind. In front of them was the vast and rough sea. The swing ship ride was designed based on this adventurous pirate image. As the carnival ride pirate ship swings up and down, you’ll feel like you’re on the undulating waves.

We sincerely recommend the 8-12 seat mini pirate ship ride and the 24 seat large pirate ships for your business. 

They are unique in shape, affordable and convenient for you to operate. Whether you want to use an indoor mall or an outdoor playground or plaza, they can bring you great profits. If you would like to quickly access the information you need, please click the button below.

Mini to Large Pirate Ship Ride for Sale in DINIS factory

Do you know the different types of pirate ships? Our company manufactures mini to large swinging pirate ship ride for sale for investors with different requirements. They can accommodate 8-12 and 24 people respectively. Additionally, we have installed colored lights all around the hull. Moreover, the appearance of the swing ship ia colorful and bright. This design makes them attractive whether it’s day or night. No matter which one you choose for your amusement business, it can bring you many customers.

8-12 Seat Mini Swining Ship Ride for Sale

8-12 seat mini pirate ship ride for sale

Our 8-12 seat Mini Pirate Ship rides come in various enchanting themes including Tropical Breeze Style and Icy Adventures, etc. They look small, delicate and fun, which is very attractive to children. For example, the ice-themed small pirate ship looks like a ship moving forward on a snowy night. And the colorful lights and soothing swings make this sea adventure look smoother. It doesn’t look very cool, full of fairy tale atmosphere, suitable for both boys and girls to ride.

In contrast, another mini pirate ship is cool and full of adventure atmosphere. From a distance, it looks like a boat moving against rough waves. Its platform is designed to look like a seaside scene, with several coconut trees as a backdrop to make this sea voyage more vivid and realistic. If you purchase a pirate ride like this, I believe there must be lots of young customers rush to experience this fun sea adventure.

Snow-themed mini pirate ship ride

The two small pirate ship amusement rides are controlled by electric control box, with a rated voltage of 380V. And their rated power is 4kw. Besides, this mini pirate ship is also friendly to children because of its height of 3m. Moreover, they run at a speed of 6-8rpm and allow children to experience excitement without making them feel scared. If you are planning to buy a pirate ship ride for kids, the 8-12 seat swing ship ride will be a good choice.

Large Viking Pirate Ship Ride for 24 People

Do you want your passengers to experience the joy of sailing and exploring with a Viking captain? Take a look at the DINIS 24-passenger pirate ship. It looks very tall and majestic, with a height of 8m and an area of 12*8m, just like a real ship. In front of the platform, we arrange for a fearsome Viking captain to greet each guest. Besides, we also designed the bow and stern of the ship to look like a dragon’s head or a classic ship. This gives passengers the feeling that they are on an exciting treasure hunt with a Viking captain. In general, the grand scale and meticulous design can give your customers an unforgettable voyage adventure.

Compared with the mini pirate ship, this large swinging ship ride can provide people with a more exciting experience. It is also controlled by an electric control cabinet and the rated power is 13w. Besides, its swinging range is larger, so it is more suitable for people who like excitement. In addition, due to its large size, this large pirate ship is special equipment. Before leaving our factory, it is strictly tested by professional departments to ensure its safety and quality. Therefore, you can use it with confidence.

How much does a Pirate Ship Ride for Sale Cost?

Want to know the pirate ship ride price? The price of carnival pirate ship ride is affected by many factors, including size, material, style, manufacturer, etc. In the table below, I have compiled a price list of our factory pirate ship rides and their parameters for your reference.

Please note: The information of our pirate ship amusement rides from the above table are for your reference only. If you want to know a more detailed price, please feel free to contact us.

Style Capacity Material Covered area Height Power Max Swing Angle Speed Price
8-12 seat mini pirate ship 8-12 passengers Fiberglass+ Steel 6*5m 3m 4KW 100 6-8r/min, adjustable $4,500-$6,500
24 seat Large swing pirate ride 24 passengers Fiberglass+ Steel 12*8m 8m 13KW 100 6-8r/min, adjustable $14,500-$19,500

DINIS, the Swinging Ship Ride Manufacturer

Are you still looking for a skilled pirate ship manufacturer? DINIS has been designing and making pirate ship boat rides for more than 20 years. From our factory, you can find pirate ship rides in various styles. Moreover, we provide customized service for your beloved pirate ship ride, including its capacity, appearance and other.

Besides, as a comprehensive amusement equipment manufacturer, DINIS also offers you more swing ride options. For example, the exciting Flying Chair, Large Pendulum Ride, Flying Disk Ride, etc DINIS manufactured are popular with many investors. Initially, some investors may come with a touch of skepticism. But after visiting our company, they often leave with joy and confidence. After all, they have decided to invest in our meticulously crafted amusement pirate ship rides.

DINIS’s manufacturing capabilities are unquestionably solid. Our company has earned the coveted A-Level Certification for large scale amusement equipment production, recognized by national authorities – a credential that many of our competitors simply cannot offer. When you choose DINIS, you’re choosing a company that is not only reliable and powerful, but also deeply committed to integrity. When you invest with us, you’re securing a partnership with a respected and trusted company in the amusement industry.

Where can I Use the Pirate Ship Amusement Ride?

The pirate ship swing rides are suitable for many places, here are some recommendations for you.

Maximize Fun, Minimize Costs: The Mini Swing Ship Ride Ideal for Indoor and Small Spaces

For the 8-12 seat mini swing ship ride, due to its low height, it is completely suitable even if you want to use it in an indoor mall. And it is also very perfect for use in small children’s playgrounds, squares, parks, etc. It can attract many customers to you because it looks sophisticated and interesting. Moreover, the compact size can also save you investment cost and subsequent maintenance cost to a certain extent. At the same time, it can bring you considerable profits. So, if you don’t have a big budget, don’t miss the mini swing ship ride.

Invest in an Eye-Catching Large Pirate Ship Ride for Your Amusement Park

pirate ship ride price

The other choice, if you want to buy a large pirate ship ride for your customers, it can be well integrated into your large amusement park. Because it has a large size, so it requires a relatively large space to function properly. For example, the large theme park, water park, or city park, etc., all of them could be the best place. As long as the customer flow in your place is considerable, it can bring you stable and high profits. Moreover, due to its cool shape and good experience, it can attract people’s eye and increase their stay time. Meanwhile, it can also enhance the visibility of your venue. So, investing in a pirate ship ride is a worthwhile business.

Understanding How a Pirate Ship Ride Works for Smooth Operation

The carnival Pirate Ship Ride, also known as the Swinging Ship or Galleon, is very popular in theme parks and amusement parks around the world. Designed to mimic the historical Viking ships, it aims to give passengers the sensation of sailing on the stormy high seas. As they take their seats on either side of the ship ride, they experience the ride swinging faster and higher. At the peak of the swing, they will feel a heart-racing sensation of weightlessness which is very exciting.

For investors considering to buy a Ship ride, understanding how a pirate ship ride works for smooth operation is crucial. This knowledge will not only help you make the most of the equipment. It will also ensure you offer guests an extraordinary experience while maintaining operational efficiency.

Actually, the working principle of the amusement park pirate ship is very similar to that of a pendulum ride. It hangs from a large A-frame and swings back and forth like a pendulum. Guests sit in the swing ship ride, secured with safety belts, ensuring they are safely in place throughout the motion.

Powering Adventure: Dinis’ Efficient Propulsion System for our Pirate Ship Carnival Ride


As a pirate ship ride manufacturer, Dinis commits to developing powerful and energy-efficient propulsion systems. The core of this system features an electric motor that coordinates with precision gears or hydraulic components. Imagine, our system ensures the Pirate Ship ride swings like a grand pendulum.

Furthermore, we have proven that the system can provide the thrust required to start and maintain the Pirate Ship’s swing. At the same time, it will also save unnecessary energy consumption. This means that when your guests enjoy it, you don’t have to worry about high energy costs. This is our ultimate goal: to strike a balance between excitement and cost-effectiveness. And ensure that your attraction is both popular with guests and profitable for you.

Energy Dynamics and Cost Efficiency: How Momentum Powers the Swing Ship Ride


The rocking motion of the boat ride carnival is sustained by momentum, with gravity and inertia being significant factors. At the highest point of the swing, kinetic energy is converted into potential energy. Then as the swing descends, the potential energy is converted back into kinetic energy. This natural cycle uses far less energy than what is required to start, helping to lower operating costs.

How does a pirate ship theme park ride work

Smart Investing: Reducing Costs for High Returns


For investors, understanding these principles proves beneficial as it demonstrates the possibility of maintaining lower operating costs. The electric motor primarily consumes a substantial amount of energy during the initial startup and when additional thrust is necessary. Consequently, it proves to be highly energy-efficient. Moreover, its straightforward design ensures enhanced reliability and minimal maintenance costs. By cutting down on downtime and operational expenses, you can thus ensure a favorable return on investment.

Maintenance and Safety: Ensuring Long-Term Success and Customer Satisfaction


southern star pirate ship ride

Furthermore, regular maintenance is essential for the continual success of your attraction. Routine checks and servicing help keep all components, especially the safety restraints and propulsion system, in optimal condition. Recognizing the importance of maintenance helps you ensure that the attraction operates safely and efficiently. This is vital for maintaining customer trust and profitability.

In summary, the pirate ship ride for sale is an amusement ride that combines simple operation with an exciting experience. By understanding how a pirate ship ride works for smooth operation, you can provide guests with memorable fun. Meanwhile you can also ensure that the ride is both reliable and cost-effective. Mastering these key points can help you make informed decisions, maintain efficient operation of the ride, attract kid and adults. And bring stable profits and a good return on investment to your amusement park.

So, if you are still wondering where to buy a carnival swing pirate ship ride, why not come to the DINIS factory and have a look. We have been manufacturing small 8-12-seater pirate ships and large 24-seater pirate ships for over 20 years. They are stylish, affordable and suitable for both children and adults. In addition to pirate ships, DINIS also offers large pendulums, flying chairs, roller coaster equipment, etc. Additionally, we provide you with a one-year product quality guarantee and lifetime technical support. Also, if you have customized needs, just let us know in advance.

If you are interested in our swinging ship ride, look no further, come and send us an inquiry!

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