The disco tagada ride is an energetic and fun ride. It combines music, rotating and undulating seats to give passengers an exciting experience. To ensure the passengers’ safety and the smooth operation of ride, the installation process needs to be careful and professional. It is highly recommended that you find qualified local technicians and teams to perform this task. Professional technicians can not only ensure the accuracy of installation, but also help you discover and solve potential safety issues in a timely manner.

Before starting the installation, make sure you have completed the preliminary preparations. This may include site selection, grading of land, and preparation of power and other necessary facilities. Here is a brief introduction on how to install a disco tagada ride for your reference:

How to install a tagada ride for park

  • Unpacking Inspection

First, when the delivery arrives, please open all the packages and carefully examine each component to make sure there is no damage. Compare all parts to the packing list provided to ensure that no tagada parts were lost in transit.

  • Structural Assembly

Next, start with the main frame or base structure of the tagada funfair ride. Carefully position major components such as the chassis and center axle using a crane or appropriate lifting equipment according to our instructions. Follow the steps to assemble other structural elements, including seating arrangements, safety barriers and control rooms.

  • Mechanical and Electrical Installation

Install the tagada ride for sale

Then, we begin to install mechanical components such as motors and drive systems. It is essential to verify that these parts align and secure properly according to the provided specifications. Continue installing wiring for motor, lighting and audio equipment. Install safety features such as emergency stop buttons and make sure all connections are secure.

  • Security Check

Once we assemble the amusement tagada rides, we must perform a comprehensive safety inspection on the tagada. This involves ensuring that we have tightened all bolts and that all mechanical and electrical components are functioning correctly. Test the safety of seats and restraints to ensure they can safely accommodate your passengers during operation.

  • Performance Testing

After all the components are installed, we can test the tagada mechanical ride. Start the tagada ride without passengers to confirm everything is running smoothly.  Note, if there are any unusual noises or vibrations that may indicate a problem, please contact us promptly. We’ll help you make the necessary adjustments to your mechanical and electrical systems right away.

How to use the disco tagada ride

  • Operator Training

Once the tagada performance testing is complete, you can train your operators on how to operate your rides safely. How to handle emergencies? How to provide excellent customer service? They should also undergo training in routine maintenance and inspection procedures to ensure continuous safety.

  • Final Preparations

After the operator has mastered the tagada operating instructions, you may want to perform a final inspection and cleaning of the ride. There is no doubt that a clean and tidy appearance of the venue and equipment can greatly attract customers to experience it. Your crazy tagada ride is then ready to be opened to the public.

funny tagada ride manufacturer

  • Ongoing Maintenance

Once the tagada amusement ride is operational, develop a routine maintenance plan and proactively inspect, maintain, and repair the rides as necessary. This is essential to ensure the safety and longevity of your tagada attraction.

Please remember that installation should always follow the technical manual provided by us. Throughout the installation process, it is essential to strictly adhere to all local regulations and industry standards, prioritizing safety as the top priority. To ensure the highest level of safety and reliability, hiring a professional installation team is a wise choice. If necessary, we can also provide technicians on-site service to guide and assist you on how to install a disco tagada ride. By choosing DINIS, you can ensure that your rides will not only entertain your customers, but also keep them safe.

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