For all our mechanical ride, we utilize standard export packaging to ensure maximum protection during shipment. We carefully wrap all fiberglass parts and control boxes in 3 to 5 layers of quality bubble wrap and then place them into appropriately sized shipping containers for the ride. Besides, we will also pack the spare parts separately in cardboard boxes.

Besides, we can customize the packaging method according to your specific requirements. Moreover, for bulk orders involving various types of equipment, we use distinct alphabetical markings to differentiate between the products. Before dispatching, we will perform a detailed count of all equipment parts to ensure completeness.

We usually ship your ride by sea freight. However, if you have special shipping needs, we can also provide support. You can also choose any port in China that is close to your country. We will safely transport your mechanical ride to the designated destination according to your specific requirements.

In most cases, for larger amusement rides, such as 20-30-seater carousels, 24-seater luxury flying chairs, large roller coasters, octopus ride, boat swing ride and pendulum amusement park ride, etc., we will use 40HQ high capacity containers for transportation. As for smaller equipment, such as mini pirate ships, 16-20-seater electric train rides, ocean carousel rides, etc., we tend to use 20GP containers.

In short, we will recommend you the most suitable and economical container option based on the size and quantity of equipment you purchase. We always commit to providing customers with efficient and high-quality logistics solutions.

Of course you can. If you already have a shipping agent, please inform us. We will need to provide them with details about our products, including the required container size, height, length, weight, and quantity. Our products will be shipped from Zhengzhou city, China, and we will provide the exact address for your shipping agent to arrange the pick-up.

If you do not have a shipping agent, there’s no need to worry. We can arrange shipment for you to your country.

Regarding the shipping cost, it is quoted by our freight company, and we will also control it. If the costs are a concern, you are welcome to use your own shipping agent. If you choose this option, we can coordinate with your agent by providing them with our factory’s location and any other necessary details to facilitate the delivery of the product. How does that sound to you? Would you like to proceed with your own shipping agent, or would you prefer we handle it?

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