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The best trackless train rides for sale are available in DINIS. There are different types of trains for children, antique trains trackless for adults, 20-40 seat classic sightseeing road trains and more. Moreover, they look like real passenger trains, have smoke effects and whistles, to give passengers a fun ride. Additionally, we have equipped it with colored lights, which can attract many tourists whether you use it during the day or at night. Want to know how much such a train without track costs? Come and read with me!

park trackless train for sale

DINIS’s Trackless Train Rides for Children and Adults

DINIS recommends you 2 styles of trains that are most popular among kids and adults. They are the carnival Thomas trackless train, and the old fashioned trackless train. They are all battery-powered, run almost silently and without emissions, and can provide passengers with a very good riding experience. Besides, they are made of premium fiberglass with a smooth body surface that does not cause any potential danger to kids or the elder. Here are some details about them and related suggestions for your reference.

Kids Carnival Train Ride Trackless

kids carnival train ride trackless

The Thomas ride on train ride looks like the real Thomas the Tank engine from the cartoons, and has always been a hit with boys and girls. There is a big smiling face on the front of the train, giving every child a positive attitude towards life. Painted blue and decorated with colorful lights, it is especially charming at night. In addition, although it looks small in size, it can accommodate 10 children. Also, the speed is moderated and adjustable, which is very friendly to you and your kids. If you run a business that focuses on kids, buying a Thomas trackless train will be a good choice.

Antique Trackless Train for Adults

If you prefer to buy a road train that adults will like, we highly recommend that you choose an antique trackless train. It is one of our company’s best-selling trains and can be customized to suit your needs. We adopt a retro color scheme, and install an electronic smoker and whistle on the train. So it supports smoking and honking like a traditional train, giving passengers a real feeling. If you run an adult party business or event, choosing an antique like this can bring you considerable profits. Come aboard our trackless antique train with your friends, and enjoy the fun of the age of innocence!

antique trackless train for adults

Commercial Trackless Train Rides

Trackless Electric Bullet Train for Fair Business

trackless electric bullet train

New designed bullet trackless trains are available in DINIS, suitable for market business. We designed it with reference to China Fuxing train and added some innovative entertainment elements. For example, its appearance looks brighter and the size is smaller. The exterior is simple white, the interior is warm yellow, and there are some customized graphics and company logo on its body. All of this makes it different from other trains.

In addition, it is powered by a maintenance-free battery, and the battery does not require daily maintenance. Thus, it can save you effort and cost to a certain extent. Moreover, when fully charged, it can operate continuously for 6-8 hours, which is sufficient for your daily market business. What’s more, whether you are carrying passengers or pulling some cargo, this bullet train amusement ride can meet your needs.

Trackless Mall Steam Trains for Sale

Our trackless mall train ride is for sale at DINIS. It has the functions of smoking and whistling, etc, like a large locomotive. However, it is different from the traditional trains that run on specific tracks. Its operation is not be limited by track. Thus, there is more convenient for you to change the venue at will. Imagine if shoppers in the mall saw a smoking train as they walked by, who wouldn’t want to try it?

In addition, children and adults alike can enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable trackless train tour in your mall. It can be said to be an excellent amusement equipment to bring extra traffic to your mall. So, if you are wondering which train to choose for your mall business, we sincerely recommend you to choose our trackless train rides.

Mall trackless sightseeing train

What is the Best Trackless Trains in Park ?

20-40 people Tourist Trackless Train Rides for Sale, equipped with customized disabled carriages

tourist train car barrier-free car

Want to buy a trackless train for park sightseeing? DINIS manufactures 24-40 capacity of park trackless train rides for you to choose from. They are classic styles that can satisfy most people’s preferences.

Moreover, we also offer special carriages with accessibility features for disabled visitors. This design allows passengers to enjoy the ride regardless of their physical condition. Customizing a carriage like this costs about $7,000-$8000 in our factory. But overall, it is worth it.

Purchasing a mini-train equipped with these types of carriages can not only allow every visitor to comfortably tour your park but also bring additional financial benefits. It also allows you to differentiate your park from the competition. Therefore, taking advantage of this opportunity is certainly a win-win situation.

Trackless Electric Train Price

Do you want to know how much the DINIS’s trackless train rides for sale cost? To make it easier for you to intuitively understand the train price of different capacities, I have listed the following table for your reference.

Style Capacity Price
Thomas trackless train 12-14 people $4,000- $8,000
Trackless Train Antique 16-20 people $12,000- $15,000
Bullet train trackless 20-24 people $15,000- $23,000
Trackless mall train 20-24 people $12,000- $20,000
Sightseeing road train 20-24 people $12,000- $20,000
Large sightseeing road train 40 people $35,000- $42,000

Trackless Train Ride for Sale Manufacturer

electric train trackless

DINIS specialized in building trackless trains for more than 20 years. There are different types of trackless trains for sale, popular among children and adults. In our company you can buy the best trackless trains at the most affordable price. Because we have an independent production workshop and a professional technical team to design and manufacture the small trains you need.

In addition to various trackless trains for sale, we also manufacture trains and tracks, such as the mini kids train and track, small ride on locomotives, large track trains, etc.

Moreover, DINIS provides you with a one-year product quality guarantee and provides you with an additional vulnerable parts package when shipping. Choose us, you will not be disappointed!

Whether you plan to use the trackless trains in an indoor mall or an outdoor park, they are appropriate. If you want to buy a trackless train that is suitable for both adults and children, take a look at DINIS! Now, come and send us an inquiry!

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