French Customer Finds Amusement Park Flying Chairs for Sale in DINIS

vintage flying chair for sale portable ride

Not long ago, a French client contacted us to buy a vintage flying chair ride for use in their fairground. Then, we learned that he was running a small electric train business in an amusement park in Lyon, France. This amusement park is famous for its retro theme, with a variety of old-fashioned rides, including pirate ship rides, mini roller coasters, and pendulum rides, etc. All of these carnival rides are full of a sense of nostalgia and sophistication. The client expressed a desire to add to a small flying ride which can fit in the park style and is attractive for visitors. Moreover, it better be portable and suitable for children and adults.

DINIS Manufactures and Supplies Various Carnival Park Flying Chairs for You

Considering the customer’s requirements, we recommend our Lotus Flying Chair to him first. In fact, we manufacture diverse flying chair rides for indoor and outdoor venues. For example, the luxurious 24-seat adult flying chair, fruit flying chair for kids, giraffe flying chair, elephant flying chair, etc. They are all high quality and suitable for amusement parks. However, considering its portability and applicable passengers, we still give priority to the 12-seat Lotus Flying Chair.

What are Portable Playground Flying Chairs Made of?

portable flying chair material

In addition, we have chosen high-quality fiberglass as the material for this Lotus flying chair portable ride, with a steel frame supporting its interior. These designs make it enough durable and can use for more than 8 years.

Moreover, we have specially treated our steel and fiberglass to ensure that they can withstand various weather changes. Even if the flying chair is used outdoors for a long time, it won’t corrode.

More importantly, the fiberglass also has the characteristics of light weight. Using this material to build his amusement park flying chair is convenient for him to install, disassemble and transport. Besides, we make the flying chair seat and exterior decorations from fiberglass material due to its high plasticity.

vintage flying chair design

Then, we apply automotive paint technology to bake these parts to ensure they are bright in color and have a glossy appearance. Moreover, we promise it won’t fade even if exposed to wind, sun and rain for a long time.

The Prefect Attraction for Vintage Park: French Customized Flying Chair for Kids and Adults

Our Lotus flying chair customized for this french customer will fit perfectly into their vintage playground atmosphere. It is safe and full of retro atmosphere, very suitable for kids and adults to experience.

Portable Flying Chair Ride at a French Vintage Fairground

First, the design of this Lotus flying chair is simple and elegant. The cornices at the top adopt lotus elements, adding a touch of oriental charm. When the Lotus Flying Chair rotates, the colorful chair looks like petals dancing in the air, like a blooming lotus, and the scene is charming.

Moreover, we have carefully decorated the ride with cartoon characters, such as Snow White, to evoke people’s fond childhood memories. And it can accommodate 12 passengers, which means that it is also suitable for families.

Besides, considering the safety of tourists, we have installed safety rails on each seat to ensure the stability and safety of tourists during the rotating flight. We also carefully polish the surface of the seat to make it smooth and comfortable, providing visitors with a safe and pleasant riding experience.

safe seat of flying chair ride in vintage park

Currently, our portable flying chair ride is running at a french vintage fairground. This customer is very satisfied with our flying chair ride for park and sincerely appreciates our help. DINIS always adheres to the principle of quality first and customer first. We truly take every customer’s needs into consideration. Choose DINIS, you won’t be disappointed.

If you have an interest in our portable flying chair ride at a French vintage fairground, please contact us at any time!

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