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Do you want to buy an elaborately designed ocean carousel ride for sale for your amusement park or mall business? Ocean carousel rides, ranging from small to 6-seater to 36-seater, are available at DINIS! Our Ocean carousels are made of high-quality fiberglass and supported by steel frames. In addition, they are exquisite, strong, smooth and durable, suitable for children and adults. The price of buying such a device may range from US$4,200 to US$36,000. The larger the scale, the more manpower and resources will be consumed. Look no further, DINIS provides you with first-hand ex-factory prices!

How much a ocean carousel park ride cost

DINIS Sells New-designed Sea Carousel Ride

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DINIS has recently designed and manufactured a new sea-themed carousel ride for your business. It looks special and sophisticated, and can catch people’s eyes at first glance, no matter where it is placed. When you see it, you will wonder if you have entered the world of marine life. There are so many lovely and beautiful sea creatures! When you start this carousel, dolphins, blue whales, starfish, seahorses, octopuses, seaweed, and all kinds of fish will swim in this small ocean. How free and happy they are. Imagine you are riding on the back of a dolphin and listening to beautiful music. Do you also feel that the fatigue and worries of the day have dissipated at this moment?

How much does a Water Park Ocean Carousel Cost?

Do you want to know how much it costs to buy a ocean merry-go-round? DINIS provides the cheapest ocean carousel ride for sale. There is a price table you can refer to about the different specifications of ocean carousel prices in our factory.

Product Name Area size Material Additional Features Price
Ocean carousel kiddie ride – 6 seats 2.1m*2.8mH Fiberglass, Steel LED Lighting, Music $4200- $6000
Ocean carousel kiddie ride – 6 seats 3m*5mH Fiberglass, Steel LED Lighting, Music $10,000-$12,000
Ocean carousel – 16 seats 7m*5.2mH Fiberglass, Steel LED Lighting, Music $11,000-$13,000
Ocean carousel – 24 seats 9m*5.2mH Fiberglass, Steel LED Lighting, Music $22,500-$25,000
Ocean carousel – 36 seats 12m*5.2mH Fiberglass, Steel LED Lighting, Music $34,500-$37,000

From the table we can learn that buying a mini ocean carousel for 6 children is very cheap. For as low as $4,200, you can buy a mini carousel ride for your kid’s playground. If you are looking for a bigger size and capacity, the 12 seat, 16 seat carousels are also a nice choice. Their prices and sizes are not much different, suitable for your mall and funfair. Likewise, the price of the larger ocean carousel for 24 or 36 kids and adults can be sightly higher.

kids ocean theme carnival carousel for mall

Finally, I have to say that although all ocean carousels use the same materials, large rides still cost more energy and financial resources than small rides. Therefore, its price is correspondingly higher. But no matter what, what our company provides you is the lowest ex-factory price and there are also no second-hand dealers. Furthermore, once you’ve experienced our ocean carousel ride, you’ll undoubtedly agree that it offers great value for the price.

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6 Seats Ocean Carousel Kiddie Ride

Mini carousel ride for sale is compact and very suitable for children to ride. It is usually colorfully designed and decorated with marine life themes. This design can attract children’s attention, and make them reluctant to leave. Besides, compared to the adult carousel, its size is small and safe for children.

Additionally, we installed it with many beautiful lights and music box in its electric control box. Just press the designated buttons on the control panel, and children can immerse themselves in the interesting ocean world. Moreover, it is light weight, which is convenient for you to change the venue. If you run a mall or a funfair, purchase an exquisite ocean carousel for your young customers!

12/ 16/ 24/ 36 Seats Ocean Carousel Ride for Family

DINIS supports you to choose different capacities of ocean carousel rides. Considering various requirements of investors, our company launches merry-go-rounds with 12, 16, 24 and 36 seats. Moreover, this kind of ocean carousel is not only popular with children, but adults also like it. Many previous customer feedback, many families with children are also glad to experience the fun sea world carousel. Riding on a carousel decorated with marine life themes not only allows children to become familiar with various marine animals. Also, it can stimulate their interest and understanding of the marine ecological environment, which is very educational.

12 seat ocean carousel kiddie ride

In addition, taking the ocean carousel ride for sale is also beneficial to improve parent-child relationship. Due to the low speed of the ocean carousel (about 3-5rpm), many parents will stand outside the venue and take pictures to record their children’s daily activities. This is very memorable. Many years later, when they recall this interesting memory, they will still feel very happy and satisfied. This is their exclusive memory.

Ocean Carousel Ride for Sale Indoors

Playful ocean-themed custom carousel ride is not only for outdoor parks. Since the height of this carousel is not very high, it can also be accommodated in a venue with a height of 6m. Moreover, using indoor can avoid possible safety hazards outdoors. In general, our carousels are controlled by an electric control box. If you use it outdoors, it is necessary to prevent water from entering the control box. Otherwise, it may affect its normal operation and result in a bad passenger experience. However, this does not mean that you can’t use it outdoors. As long as you take protective measures for the electrical control box on rainy days, such as using an umbrella or raincoat to cover it, it will not affect your use at all.

Besides, some indoor places, like the indoor shopping malls, aquariums, ect are very perfect place to use the ocean carousel. If you use it in your aquarium, this carousel can perfectly integrate with the surrounding ocean theme. In addition, it can also enhance the attraction and experience of your aquarium. Likewise, if you choose to place it in your mall, I believe it can also bring good profits for you. Imagine children and families walking through your mall, and stumbling upon the new carousel ride you purchased. How surprised and delighted will they be? And who can resist the exquisite temptation?

ocean carousel frp seat

Want to purchase an ocean-themed carousel for both indoor and outdoor venues? DINIS, a professional carousel rides manufacturer, sells the best ocean carousels for you. In our company, there are 6-36 seat ocean carousel for you to choose from. They are popular among kids and adults and have received good reviews from other investors and their customers. By choosing DINIS, you can buy the best quality merry-go-round rides at the most affordable prices.

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