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The refined and fun amusement park flying chair is for sale at DINIS! DINIS is committed to producing the highest quality flying chair equipment for every amusement park investor. In our company, you can find exciting swinging flying chairs suitable for adults, as well as watermelon flying chairs and giraffe flying chairs suitable for children.

Moreover, they are made of high-quality fiberglass, safe, strong and durable. The electric control box controls the flying chair, which is very convenient for you. In addition, many other swing rides, such as the swing ship rides, pendulum amusement park rides are also available at DINIS. If you are still hesitating about which flying chair manufacturer to choose, you might as well come to DINIS and take a look.

Amusement Park Flying Chair Game

36 seat luxury swing flying chair for adults in park

Have you ever experienced the flying chair game at an amusement parks? It looks like a huge umbrella with many colorful chairs hanging from it. When it is running, you will have the feeling of flying in the air like a bird. You can feel the breeze on your cheeks, so free and happy. As the speed increases, you may gradually feel a little dizzy, but this dizziness will not make you feel uncomfortable. Instead, it makes your adrenaline pump and makes you feel excited and delighted.

Moreover, when you spin in the air, the wide perspective allows you to overlook your entire amusement park. And every corner is unobstructed. This is not only a flying game, but also an adventure from a new perspective. Every rise and fall is like a play with gravity, which makes your heart beat faster. If you are planning to buy an interesting flying chair for your amusement park, I believe you will definitely be attracted to this flying game.

amusement park flying chair

Adult Luxury Spin Rides Flying Chair

Adult Rotate Swing Flying Chair for sale at DINIS! It is large in size, refined and luxurious. Decorated with various patterns and painted with bright color combination, these designs make it possess both dynamic and static beauty. It has a different operation mode from traditional flying chairs.

Besides the simple rotation and swing, we also added new dynamic elements to provide passengers with a thrilling riding experience.

For example, if you watch it carefully, you will find that it can move up and down or left and right. This innovation brings more diversified and three-dimensional feelings to passengers, making the riding experience more exciting, novel and unique. In addition, judging from the current amusement market, Flying Chair has become a very popular game in theme park. And it has received much preference from thrill-seeking young people and adults due to its special experience.

Small Flying Chair for Kids Funfair

Do you want to buy a flying chair for kids for your funfair business? DINIS carefully manufactures cartoon flying chair rides for children. They are brightly colored and have an outstanding appearance, which will attract children’s attention at first sight. Moreover, they are very safe for children. Our ride seats are specially designed for kids, ensuring a perfect fit for comfort and safety. Made of high-quality, sturdy fiberglass, they are smooth and durable for a risk-free, enjoyable experience. Kids can ride with ease and have a blast, feeling secure and cozy. In the following section, DINIS recommends 2 styles of kids flying chairs suitable for your amusement park.

Fruits Flying Chairs In Amusement Park

The Fruit Flying Chair is loved by many children for its delicious taste and fresh and natural appearance. There are various fruits, like peaches,grapes, mangoes, oranges, strawberries, watermelon, apples, etc on the flying chair. Additionally, the seats are designed in the shape of half a watermelon. From the outside, you can see the red flesh and green rind, which make children want to take a bite.

The Watermelon Flying Chair can accommodate 16 kids. Moreover, its speed is low and adjustable from the control box. Since it is not very high (about 5m), it is also suitable even for indoor playgrounds. If you buy a fruit flying chair in your fairground, it will definitely fill your place with a fresh scent of fruits.

Giraffe Flying Chair Ride for Kids Playgrounds

Another hot-selling flying chair ride in amusement park, the Giraffe flying swing chair, looks very lovely and friendly. It includes colored giraffe,and every giraffe is connected to a seat. In total, this flying chair can hold 12 kids. When children ride it, it looks like they have entered the paradise of Giraffes. Besides, it requires only a small space in your amusement park, probably a circular area with a diameter of 6m.

Moreover, only a 4.5m in height, even if you want to use it in your indoor theme park, there is no problem. In addition, such a cute giraffe flying chair is also suitable for zoos and some animal-themed park. Come and buy such a flying chair like this and let your little customers enjoy playing with cute giraffes in your fun park.

Technical Data of Amusement Park Flying Chair Rides

Note: Specifications in the following table are for reference only. Please contact us for more detailed information.

Styles Group Capacity Material Occupied Area Height Power Voltage Speed
Luxury Flying Chair Adult 24/36 Passengers Fiberglass + Steel 9m*9m 8.5m 10KW 380V Adjustable
Fruits Flying Chair Kids 16 Passengers Fiberglass + Steel 9m*9m 5m 3KW 380V Adjustable
Giraffe Flying Chair Kids 12 Passengers Fiberglass + Steel6 m*6m 4.5m 3KW 380V Adjustable

Where can I find the Amusement park Flying Chair Manufacturer?

amusement park swing ride manufacturer

DINIS is a Chinese amusement equipment manufacturer that integrates production and sales. We have an independent production factory of 30,000 square meters and more than 400 technical staff and after-sales service personnel. We also have 20 years of experience in producing amusement flying chairs. As a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise, we have CE, ISO, CIQ, and China licensed A-level qualifications for large amusement equipment. Thus, we are confident to show that our company has absolute qualifications.

Besides, all the flying rides will undergo strict quality and performance testing before leaving our factory to ensure bring the best experience to customers. Additionally, we offer a one-year equipment warranty and lifetime technical support on all of our equipment. If any problems occur during your use, please contact us in time. Our customer service staff will solve your problems as soon as possible and make you satisfied.

More Amusement Park Swing Rides for Sale are Available at DINIS

At DINIS, you can find not only different types of flying chairs, but also some other swing rides. For example, the thrilling pendulum rides, pirate ship rides, high-altitude flight, as well as family-friendly customized carousels, train rides, etc.

Moreover, we can help you customize various swing rides, just tell us your requirements. Lastly, regardless of which ride you select for your amusement park, we commit to offering you the lowest ex-factory price. Choosing DINIS means you choose an honest and reliable equipment manufacturer.

DINIS provides the best amusement park flying chair for you. There are luxurious flying chairs for excitement-loving adults and safe small flying chair for children. For amusement parks of different sizes, we offer flying chair options of different sizes. For example, if you have a large venue and seek a flying chair that accommodates both adults and children, then purchasing a 24-seat swinging flying chair is the best choice.

If your venue is not very large, and you want to purchase a small flying chair that suitable for children. Then we recommend the 16-seater Watermelon Flying Chair or the 12-seater Giraffe Flying Chair. No matter which flying chair you choose, DINIS promises to offer you with the most affordable factory price.

If you have the intention to cooperate with us, please feel free to send us an inquiry!

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