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Do you want to buy a fun bounce ride for your indoor or outdoor business? DINIS kangaroo jump ride is on hot sale! There are 2 kind of capacities for you to choose from, the 12 seat and 16 seat. It looks like a real kangaroo, very vivid and lifelike. When the ride starts, it looks like a bunch of frisky kangaroos. Moreover, buying such a ride can not only add interest to your venue, but also attract more customers, increasing your overall revenue. Moreover, in our factory, you can buy a set of 12/16 seat carnival kangaroo jump ride for $9,500- $13,000.

kangaroo ride playground

12/16 Seat Kangaroo Jump Amusement Rides for Sale

DINIS has recently designed a new rotating bounce amusement ride. The charming kangaroo jump ride is available in two sizes, for 12 and 16 passengers respectively. They look exquisite and detailed, just like a real kangaroo jumping around, full of movement and fun. Moreover, you have to sit in the “pouch” of a kangaroo to experience it. Doesn’t that sound amazing and unique?

12 seat kangaroo jumping ride

While ensuring the entertainment experience, DINIS places great emphasis on the safety of amusement kangaroo ride. We are committed to making this new bouncing ride safe for both children and adults. Therefore, we use high-quality steel to manufacture the kangaroo jumping carnival rides, and also equipped them with double protection measures. These include strong seat belts and safety bars to ensure that all passengers enjoy maximum protection while enjoying exciting moments. Such a design also reflects our dual commitment to passenger safety and entertainment experience.

Technical Specifications of Kangaroo Jump Rides

In addition to careful design of our kangaroo jump carnival ride, the advanced technology is also indispensable. In the following table, DINIS lists the specifications of the 2 kangaroo bounce rides to help you understand them better.




Voltage Power



Jumping  Height


12 seats kangaroo jump ride

6 arms

Steel + FRP







16 seats kangaroo jump ride

8 arms

Steel + FRP




4.5m <1.6m


Moreover, our kangaroo jump rides not only look attractive, but also perform well. We install the airbag system to control its jumping up and down. Besides, its jumping height will not be up to 1.6 meters. This design helps to create excitement among customers while ensuring safety and not causing fear. Therefore, the kangaroo jump ride is a perfect ride for family entertainment and friend gathering.

How does a kangaroo jumping ride work

Cheap Price to Buy a Kangaroo Jump Ride from DINIS

Are you still looking for an affordable amusement kangaroo bounce ride? DINIS offers reasonable prices and superior quality to make your investment worthwhile. In our factory, you can buy a 12-seater kangaroo jumper for only $9,500 to $11,000. If you want a larger size, a 16-seater kangaroo jumping ride may cost about $11,000 – $13,000. These prices are extremely competitive in the market, especially considering the high quality we offer.

First, we use uses top-grade international steel to construct the solid inner frame of the kangaroo jump rides. Besides, for the sake of aesthetics and passenger comfort, we cover the frame with an exquisite fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) shell. The shell adopts professional coating and coloring processes to ensure the color is bright and long-lasting. Even if you want to put it in changing outdoor environments, the bright colors of its outer shell remain the same. And if you buy such a fun ride for your playground, it will undoubtedly be the center of attention.

buy kangaroo jump ride

What are the Outstanding Advantages of Your Kangaroo Jumping Ride Compared to Other Amusement Manufacturers?

Compared with other amusement equipment manufacturers, our kangaroo jumping amusement rides have the following outstanding advantages to provide customers with an excellent riding experience:

  • Mechanical strength and durability: Firstly, our mechanical parts of the kangaroo bounce ride are made of high-quality steel, which is high-strength and durable. More importantly, it provides you with a safe usage period of more than 8 years.
  • High standard materials: Besides, we manufacture fiberglass shell, which is thicker and stronger than other suppliers in the market. This means our kangaroo jump ride has greater stability and long-term durability.
kangaroo jump ride material
  • Advanced coating process: Moreover, the outer shell of our Kangaroo Jump amusement park ride adopts automotive grade spray paint and anti-oxidation treatment. It not only has an attractive appearance, but is also resistant to harsh weather conditions.
  • Energy-saving and environment-friendly lighting: In addition, we use energy-saving LED lighting to decorate the new bounce ride. It not only reduces energy consumption, but also ensures that your passengers have visual enjoyment.
kangaroo jump ride
  • Convenient of remote control: Finally, we have equipped the control box of the jumping ride with a remote control device, which is convenient for you. It not only streamlines the operation, but also makes the ride run more efficiently.

Together, these features ensure that our Kangaroo Jump Rides are ahead of the competition in terms of customer excitement, safety and durability, making them a unique and attractive addition to your playground.

Kangaroo Jump Rides: Perfect for Both Indoor and Outdoor Venues

kangaroo jump ride cost

The kangaroo jumping rides are suitable for multiple venues due to their excellent materials and performance. Moreover, their modest size allows them to adapt to different environments. Whether you want to install it indoors, such as shopping malls, indoor theme parks, children’s playgrounds, or even your home—or outdoors, such as amusement parks, resorts, plazas, or city parks, our kangaroo jump ride can perfectly integrate with your venue and attract a large number of customers to you.

Moreover, our kangaroo jump ride is more than just an attractive centerpiece. It is also designed to withstand all weather conditions when placed outdoors. Furthermore, its size is suitable to fit comfortably into large indoor spaces.

What are the Restrictions for Children Riding on the Carnival Kangaroo Jump?

Safety is always a top priority when it comes to amusement rides, especially for children. The following are some typical restrictions that may apply to children riding the Kangaroo Jump ride:

kangaroo ride design
  • Height and Age Restrictions: Generally speaking, Kangaroo Jump may set a minimum height limit between 36 and 48 inches (approximately 91 and 122 cm). Besides, children must be no younger than 4-6 years old. However, it still depends on the safety requirements of the specific bouncing amusement ride.
  • Adult Accompaniment: Additionally, even children meet the height and age requirements to ride Kangaroo Jump Rides. They may still need to be accompanied by an adult for added safety.
  • Health and Physical Conditions: Last, we recommend that children with certain health or medical conditions not ride the Kangaroo Jump ride. The bouncing and movement of the ride can cause unnecessary risks and pose hidden dangers.

Generally speaking, we manufactures 12/16 seat kangaroo jump ride for sale for investors with different requirements. The kangaroo jumping amusement ride is a perfect entertainment project for both park and mall. It looks vivid and fun, popular among families with kids. Buy a set of the kangaroo bounce ride may cost $9,500 to $13,000 in our company. And it made of high-quality fiberglass and steel, strong, durable, and safe.

Besides, DINIS also supplies other rotating equipment suitable for families,such as our Octopus Rides for Sale, Bee Bounce Ride, Self-control Plane Ride, Mini Ferris Wheel, etc. They can all provide passengers with a relatively gentle ride experience and are highly interactive. In addition, with beautiful and outdtanding looks, they can catch people’s eyes at first sight, especially for kids.

If you are still hesitating about which family rides to buy for your playground, why not come to DINIS and take a look at our kangaroo jump ride! We are always open and encourage you to send us your inquiries at any time.

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