Portugal Christmas Train Rides for Kids

Dainty Christmas mini electric train rides are running in a niche kids playground in Portugal. The owner is always looking for an ride manufacturer who focuses on high-quality train ride. After careful consideration and thorough evaluation of multiple competitors, we are honored to announce that he has finally chosen us.

This decision reflects the exceptional quality and unique competitive advantage of our products and services. In the end, we customized two exquisite Christmas themed kids trains for him at a cost of $11,000 to $15,000.

Customer Background Introduction

At first, this customer planned to purchase several small rides to run his fairground. His venue was already decorated, with indoor and outdoor space. Due to limited funds, He hoped that the price of the equipment would not be too high and would provide him a good profit. Additional equipment would be added later.

After browsing our website, he thought the mini Christmas kids train and another kiddy carnival train looked very nice. Subsequently, he sent us an inquiry for a specific quote of them. The result was a pleasant surprise for him because the prices of both small trains were within his budget.

High-quality and Safe Christmas trains for kids

DINIS has been manufacturing carnival rides for kids for more than 20 years. Train rides we made have various shapes and complete styles, such as the Funny Thomas, Lovely Elephant and Dolphin, Green Ant and Peppa Pig. They are very popular among families with kids.

More importantly, parents can rest assured when their children ride on our train equipment. Many parents worry about whether it is safe to let their children ride on trains alone. Our thoughtful designers have taken this into consideration. Our small train rides are safe for children for the following reasons:

The train speed is moderate and adjustable, which is child-friendly and easy for the operator to control. Additionally, you have the flexibility to set and change the speed and time for each ride based on practical needs.

To enhance safety and provide parents with peace of mind, we can install seat belts.

custom christmas train for children

Our train rides are made of premium fiberglass that is strong, durable, and moldable. Furthermore, these train rides comes in variety of styles and have a smooth body, with no hidden hazards for children.

In conclusion, our Christmas ride on train rides are both safe and attractive to kids. Some of them are also suitable for kids to ride with adults.

Customized Christmas train are available in DINIS

Considering that Christmas was approaching, he asked us if we could design both trains into a Christmas theme. We gladly accepted the offer and designed his dream Christmas-themed kids train. The trains have a sophisticated and refined look, and each train can accommodate more than 10 young passengers.

Acquired Exquisite Customized Fairground Christmas Track Train for $5,500-$7,500

christmas amusement train ride for kids

Coincidentally, if he had purchased it at that time, he would have been able to use the mini train on Christmas Eve. After many discussions between us, we finally sold the two trains for a total price of $11,000 to $15,000 USD. After that, we also provided him with a one-year warranty and free online expert guidance on installation and operation.

On Christmas Eve, his playground received many customers and gained some local popularity. He was very grateful for our suggestion and help. He also approved of our electric ride on train ride and said he would buy more mechanical rides from us in the future.

Now his customized Portugal Christmas Train Rides for Kids has popular with many customers every day, which is what we all look forward to. We sincerely thank him for his choice and look forward to providing more excellent services to every investor!

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