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Want to buy a charming mini ferris wheel for your business? The experienced amusement ride manufacturer, DINIS manufactures different capacities of mini ferris wheel for sale.

There are delightful single-face Mini Wheels that can accommodate 10 or 12 passengers. For a larger crowd, consider our newly designed Double-Sided Ferris Wheels that can carry 20/ 24 people. These charming ferris wheel rides look live a grand Ferris Wheels in amusement parks, yet they are more compact and exquisite. Besides, we’ve designed them with vivid colors and decorated the gondolas with colorful lights. These designs make them a special and charming attraction both during the day and at night. Moreover, with an approximate height of 7 meters and equipped with safety belts and bars, they are perfectly suitable for children’s enjoyment.

ferris wheel kiddie ride

Do you want to know about their prices? At DINIS, purchasing a 10/12 seat Mini Ferris Wheel could cost between $11,000 and $15,000, while a 20/24 seat Double Side Mini Ferris Wheel might set you back between $24,000 and $28,500. These Mini Ferris Wheels are ideal for your backyard, park, or fairground, offering a versatile and attractive addition.

10/12 Seat Mini Ferris Wheel for Sale

Do you want to buy a mini ferris wheel for sale? DINIS recommends you our 10 /12 seat ferris wheel which looks very cute. Usually, we design them in a cartoon style and paint their gondolas colorfully. From a distance, this mini ferris wheel looks like a lively, colorful pinwheel, full of fun. Moreover, we’ve added a motif of either a small sun or a smiling face to the top of the central pillar of the carnival Ferris Wheel. It conveys a sense of optimism and positivity to people.

ferris wheel miniature

Besides, if you purchase such a ride for your venue, it only requires a small footprint (approximately 6m by 4m, with a height of 6.5m). It can bring you considerable income and add a touch of color and playful charm to your place. In addition, it is convenient for you to control it from an electric control box. Just press the start button on the control panel. Then, your guests can enjoy spectacular panoramic views of your park.

New Designed Double Side Small Ferris Wheel for 20/24 People

In addition to the single-sided mini Ferris wheel, DINIS has recently designd and manufactured a double-sided Ferris wheel. Its appearance is similar to the single-sided one, but gondolas can be mounted on both sides. Compared to the single-sided Ferris wheel, it can accommodate 20/24 people passengers.

As a result, it can lead to higher operational efficiency and revenue for you. Moreover, the double-sided design means passengers on both side can enjoy different views, providing a 360-degree viewing experience. This will definitely appeal to those looking for special experiences and unforgettable memories.

Moreover, although it has an improved capacity compared to the single-sided mini Ferris wheel, it does not need to occupy a lot of space. It only needs an open space of 8m*8m, and its height is 7m. Even if you want to use it in your large shopping mall, it is also appropriate.

24 seat double-sided Ferris wheel

Mini Ferris Wheel Specifications

To facilitate you to understand the detailed information of the mini Ferris wheel we manufacture more quickly, we have listed the following parameter table for your reference.





Covered Area







Single-sided Mini Ferris Wheel

10/12 people

Fiberglass+ Steel

5/ 6 cabins







12 months

Double-sided Mini Ferris wheel

20/24 people

Fiberglass+ Steel

10/ 12 cabins








12 months

What’s the Price of Small Ferris Wheel Rides?

Do you want to know how much a miniature ferris wheel cost? In our factory, if you want to purchase a Single-sided 10/12 seat ferri wheel, you may cost about $11,000 to $15,000. However, it is undeniable that the capacity is larger, and we spend a lot of manpower, material and financial resources in construction. If you want to buy a double-sided 20/24-seater mini Ferris wheel, you may need to prepare $24,000 to $28,500.

carnival mini ferris wheel for sale

In addition, they are made of the same material, high quality fiberglass shell and steel frame. These materials are strong and durable, enough to support a weight of 500kg. Moreover, our fiberglass shells are made with automotive grade baking processes. Even if you use this mini ferris wheel outdoors for a long time, it will not fade. It ensures that your Ferris wheel will still be colorful even after a long period of exposure to wind, sun and rain. Therefore, I think it’s a great value to buy such a Ferris wheel mini ride at this price.

Besides, DINIS assures you that we are the direct manufacturer who selling mini Ferris wheels, and there is no any middlemen. Buying Ferris wheel amusement rides from DINIS, you can enjoy the most affordable ex-factory price. In addition, we also produce other small amusement park rides, such as mini carousels, small pirate ship swings, small pendulums ride, mini roller coasters, mini trains, etc. If you purchase multiple equipment from us at this time, you are 100% eligible for a discount.

mini ferris wheel for kids

Portable Ferris Wheel Mini Park Ride for Sale

Our portable mini Ferris wheel is an innovative design that is different from traditional Ferris wheel ride. Therefore, it is very popular with people who are looking for something new. Moreover, its portability compared to traditional large-scale Ferris wheels, opens a door for investors to enter the market of lightweight mobile amusement rides.

Additionally, due to its relatively small size, it allows you to install and disassemble it quickly. Therefore, it can be applied to various short-term activities, making it easier for you to change the venue of your business. And it has a wide range of applicable venues. Whether it is shopping malls, parks, playgrounds, scenic spots, gardens, resorts, or festival queues, our carnival Ferris wheel can bring unlimited fun to your customers. So, look no further, come to choose a mini ferris wheel carnival rides for your business!

Where can I Find Mini Ferris Wheel Kiddie Rides?

ferris wheel manufacturer

DINIS, a leading amusement mini Ferris wheel manufacturer and supplier, offers the perfect Ferris wheel for kids. Our mini Ferris wheel features a colorful and bright design that captivates children and onlookers alike. Moreover, we take safety issues very seriously. So, we equipped our ferris wheel mini ride with a double protection system, including safety belts and guardrails. These designs ensure that kids and parent can enjoy a fun and safe play experience. Moreover, we choose the best material to manufacture the kids ferris wheel and polished its surface very smooth. Thus, there is no any potential hazard for children to ride in its cabins.

Besides, DINIS has committed to manufacturing kiddie ride for more than 20 years. In our company, in addition to the mini ferris wheel, you can also find various fun rides for kids, such as the mini roller coaster, mini carousel, small train ride. They are vivid and colored, made of high quality fiberglass and steel. With proper use and proper maintenance, each ride can last more than 8 years. In addition, we provide 12 months warranty and lifetime technical support for our mechanical rides. No matter what your needs are, DINIS will provide you with advice or solve your problems as soon as possible. Choosing DINIS means you choose an honest and reliable amusement ride manufacturer.

If you are interested in our mini ferris whell for sale, please send us an inquiry at any time!

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