Mini Kids Roller Coaster to Fiji from DINIS Factory

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In the picturesque archipelago of Fiji, a local carnival ride owner, Mr. Koro, was searching for a high-quality roller coaster manufacturer. he wanted to buy a new amusement ride to rejuvenate his business and offer something exciting for the younger crowd. After extensive research, he stumbled upon Dinis.

We are a well-established Chinese amusement equipment manufacturer with a user-friendly website showcasing a range of mechanical rides. The colorful and engaging presentation of kids’ roller coasters, from the Space Shuttle Ride to the Zoo Shuttle Ride, immediately caught Mr. Koro’s eye.

Considering the budget and a desire to add a carnival ride to enhance the appeal of his venue, Mr. Koro sent us an inquiry about our mini kids roller coaster. He was particularly interested in the compact size of our kids roller coaster for sale. Meanwhile, he thought it can fit seamlessly into his limited carnival space without overshadowing other carnival rides.

Fun Small Roller Coaster Kiddie Ride for Sale

After we received the customer’s email, we promptly replied to Mr. Koro’s inquiry and got in touch with him. In the ensuing chat, we provided comprehensive information about the mini coaster that interested this customer. Including its floor area (about 16*8m) and its passenger capacity.

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Despite its small size, it can still accommodate more than 20 children and adults. Besides, we promise that the customization service and appropriate running speed of the roller coaster also exactly meet Koro’s needs.

Buying Mini Kids Roller Coaster with Price of $10,000 to $19,000

Besides, we also provide more options for the mini roller coasters, with price ranging from $10,000- $19,000. At the same time, we showed him detailed specifications of this roller coasters. They are all mini style, economical and have low subsequent maintenance costs. Luckily, our quote for a small roller coaster ride was within his budget.

DINIS Manufactures 24-seater Mini Roller Coaster to Fiji

Mr. Koro was particularly interested in one of the animal-themed mini roller coasters. We designed this roller coaster with various amimal-shape carriages painted in bright colors that look fun. Moreover, we use high-quality fiberglass and international steel material when manufacturing it. Each steel plate is printed with its own number, and the quality is absolutely guaranteed.

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After several virtual meetings and consultations with the Dinis design team, Mr. Koro decided on a custom-tailored version of the Animal-themed Mini Roller Coaster. It can accommodate 24 kids and the speed is adjustable.

Furthermore, children also can invite their parents to enjoy a fun mini roller coaster ride. These features were ideal for his target audience. Additionally, we thoroughly polished the ride’s body to prevent scratches. And equip the coaster car with safety belts to protect children during riding.

Complete After-sale Services are available in DINIS

The ordering process was smooth, and we provided Mr. Koro with a one-year warranty and an assurance of ongoing technical support. Besides, a team of our engineers flew to Fiji to complete the installation, ensuring that everything was set up to the highest standards and in compliance with local safety regulations.

Upon its inauguration, the mini kids roller coaster became an instant hit, drawing families from across the region. Mr. Koro’s business saw a significant uptick in returning customers, and the new ride garnered attention on social media. It enhanced the visibility of his carnival.

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Mr. Koro is so excited about the results that he is now considering expanding his partnership with us to include other children’s rides. The mini roller coaster not only increased his income but also enriched the entertainment lives of Fijian children, proving to be a wise investment in community joy and the future of the business.

If you have an interest in our mini kids roller coaster to Fiji, please send us an inquiry at anytime!

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