Do you want to know what types of trains are suitable for children to ride? DINIS has been manufacturing different types of trains for kids for more than 20 years. And we know all different types of train for kids. In general, there are 3 types of trains suitable for children. Besides, there is a roller coaster that looks like a small train, which is also very popular with children. The following is an introduction to these trains, come and take a look!

Carnival Kiddie Train Ride with Track

The electric mini train rides are famous for its multiple shapes and unique operating method. Usually, they are designed in various theme styles that children love, such as the Santa Clause, Green Ant, Candy, lovely Dolphin and Elephant, Funny Thomas, and so on. Besides, colorful lights and cheerful music make the kids train ride even more charming.

Beside, these carnival trains need to run on specific tracks and rely on electrical control boxes. And their tracks are usually not very long, about 10-20 meters.

In addition, DINIS can provide you with the customization service of the carnival kids track train, including the train size and shape. And the small train track shape are round, oval and irregular. Meanwhile, you can also increase the fun of riding for your kids by painting the sleepers in colors.

Also, it is convenient for you to control the kiddy train. Our electric control box allows you to precisely control the operation of the small train for children. It includes the starting, stopping, speed control and response to special events (such as automatic parking system). So, even if you are a novice, you can quickly learn to control our little trains.

Kids Ride on Train with Track

electric ride on train for kids

Another train type, the mini ride on train for kids, can be regard a special kids train with track. It has no wagons but only seats. If your children want to experience it, he/she need to sit on its body. Then, they will feel as if they are on a back of a horse, very unique and amazing. Beside, the seats on the train are not high, making it suitable even for small children.

Moreover, its running speed can be adjusted according to your needs, and it is also very convenient to operate. It is battery-driven and does not require electric control cabinet control. You can control the operation of the train through the buttons and switch keys on the train.

Trackless Train Ride for Children and Adults

The trackless small kids train looks like a real train. However, it doesn’t require a track, just runs on your cement or asphalt road or indoor floors. Besides, it can smoke and whistle just like a traditional train. There is no doubt that this is very attractive to children. And it is also powered by battery and the speed can be adjusted by yourself.

Moreover, in our company, the trackless trains also come in various styles, such as the best-selling antique trains, classic trains, and large trackless sightseeing trains. No matter where you use them, in park, mall, funfair, market or even at your backyard, they are suitable. And the trackless design also allows you to change its running place at will.

By the way, most of the train ride for kids are made of high quality fiberglass and steel. They are strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant, and can maintain a bright appearance and reliable quality even if used outdoors for a long time.

Besides, you can all different types of trains for kids at our factory, whether they are children’s carnival track trains, ride-on kiddie trains, or sightseeing train rides for children. DINIS, the manufacturer and supplier of kiddie train rides, commits to making the best carnival trains for children.

If you have an interest in our train rides for kids, please contact us at any time!

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