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DINIS ground grid bumper car rides for sale, can bring good game experience to riders and do not require frequent maintenance. They are designed as a 2-seater, suitable for children and adults to ride together. More important is that, controlled by electric control box, they don’t need to be charged everyday. Just connect the control cabinet to the power supply before using it. So it is convenient for you to operated it.

Additionally, there are 2 bumper car floors for you to choose from. One is economical and suited for investors with a small budget. The other one is more expensive and the quality is better. Besides, DINIS supports more customization service for the ground grid bumper car rides for sale. The best dodgem cars in gradient color are available here.

Hot-selling Electric Bumper Cars for Sale in DINIS

floor grid bumper cars

Investors from all over the world have well received the floor-grid bumper cars produced by our factory. Many customers reported that the experience of riding such a ground grid bumper car was very good. Moreover, its appearance looks very cool as a mini sport car, decorated with colorful lights. When people ride on it, they may feel special because the initiative of the game is in their own hands.

Passengers only need to turn the steering wheel and lightly press the accelerator to enjoy the fun of crashing with friends. Additionally, the ground grid bumper car rides for sale are more powerful than the skynet bumper car and battery bumper cars. So they may feel more excited and playful when enjoying the ground floor bumper car rides.

Best Quality Ground Grid Bumper Cars for Children and Adults

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The Electric ground grid bumper cars for sale have always been a hot-selling product in our factory, popular among kids and adults. In addition to the unique appeal brought by their appearances, one of the important reason is high quality. All of our electric bumper cars are made of premium fiberglass material, with a steel frame supporting the entire body. These two materials can provide high strength and stability, giving the electric dodgem good resistance to earthquakes and deformation.

Furthermore, the ground grid dodgem limits the speed, ensuring that collisions cause no harm to passengers. Also, we equip each bumper car seat with a safety belt to ensure the safety of customers while enjoying the crashing fun heartily. Besides, the dodgem body comes with four wheels, two conductive wheels, 1 main wheel and 2 drive wheels. The conductive wheel is made of polyurethane, which is wear-resistant and silent. It provides visitors with a good gaming experience while ensuring their safety.

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2 Options for Bumper Car Floors

One thing you need to attend when using ground grid dodgem cars is that, it need runs on special floors. The floor-grid bumper car must run on a special ground made of steel plates and anti-corrosion wood, and is controlled by a control cabinet. There are 2 suggestions for you about how to select the appropriate floor for the ground grid dodgem car rides.

portable bumper car floor

First, if you want to purchase a cost-effective floor, we suggest you to choose an ordinary floor. It includes a cement floor and anti-corrosion wood (the raw material is wooden keel) and steel plate. At the same time, pay attention to laying insulating strips between steel plates to ensure the safety of passengers.

Another option, the modular floor, is more durable and mute than the ordinary floor. It is appropriate for indoor shopping mall. The only drawback is that its price is slightly higher, about 61.5$/㎡.

These 2 floors are what we often recommend to investors, and they have received good reviews from our customers. You can choose one that suits your venue based on your practical budget and needs.

electric bumper car floor

Ground Grid Dodgem Cars are More Suitable Indoors Than Outdoors

In general, the ground grid bumper car rides for sale are suitable both indoor and outdoor venues. However, we still recommend you’d better use it indoors to avoid unnecessary trouble. Indoor use can reduce many additional protective measures. If you still want to operate it outdoors, we suggest you to install a portable canopy to protect the floor from rain and snow. After rain or snow, you need to dry the floor in time . All in all, pay attention to the placement and use of the control cabinet to avoid water ingress.

As high-profit equipment, you can find electric dodgems in amusement parks, shopping malls, public squares, parks, farms, backyards, and other venues. Not only can they provide a steady stream of income, but they also offer daily enjoyment for you, your family, and friends. Also, after the initial investment, there is basically no need for maintenance in the later period.

DINIS Offers Customizable Electric Bumper Cars

bumper car bodies

Besides, DINIS also offers customized service for you. In addition to the lights on the dodgem car itself, you can also choose to add lights on the dodgem body, wheels, etc. Furthermore, you can also install colorful light strips on the ground floor to make the dodgem game more fun and gorgeous. This enhancement creates a unique visual experience for passengers and boosts the entertainment atmosphere at your venue.

Another choice, you can change its body color. DINIS launches new designed ground grid dodgems in gradient color, looking unique and sophisticated. Purchasing a bumper car like this will make your venue dazzle. Thus, attracting more potential customers to come and play, increasing your revenue.

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Professional Advice: Optimize the Play Time of Ground Grid Bumper Cars to Increase your Return on Investment

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Moreover, as a comprehensive mechanical ride manufacturer, we not only produce a wide range of amusement rides, but we also personally operate several playgrounds. This enables us to provide investors with comprehensive operational advice based on practical experience. For example, in the operation of the electric grid bumper car project, we will give suggestions on the optimal play time to help investors balance customer satisfaction and equipment turnover rate to achieve the best economic benefits.

Overall, it is very feasible to purchase an electric bumper car for your playground. The Ground grid bumper cars can provide stable power supply and are widely used. High-quality ground grid bumper car rides for sale are available in DINIS. They are suitable for kids and adults, and are a good tool for parent-child interaction. Purchasing such dodgems in your venues, visitors are happy, and you will also get good benefits. Want to order now? Come contact us to get a free quote!

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