Are you considering purchasing bumper cars for your business? As an experienced bumper car manufacturer, DINIS explains that the cost of bumper cars is determined by various factors. It includes material, craftsmanship, size, design, brand, etc. In the next section, I will outline the primary elements that influence the pricing of our company’s bumper cars. If you’re interested in finding out how much does a bumper car cost, please read on for more details.

How much does a bumper car cost

DINIS Carnival Bumper Cars for Sale: High-Quality Fiberglass and Steel Construction

antique bumper car ride for sale

First of all, I would like to clarify an important point: all of our bumper cars utilize consistent materials and manufacturing techniques. We use high-quality fiberglass to make various styles of bumper car shells with steel frames inside.

Moreover, we use durable, thickened rubber for the cushioned tires at the base of our bumper cars to ensure they are sturdy and wear-resistant. Therefore, the primary factors influencing the price of our bumper cars are their size, model, and any customization options chosen.

The Impact of Size on Amusement Bumper Car Pricing

2-seater bumper cars are more expensive than 1-seater cars

In our company, the single-seater bumper car rides for sale are generally mini and suitable for children. So, they are more affordable than their two-seater counterparts, with prices ranging from $480 to $700.

However, for those seeking a family-friendly option, we recommend our two-seater dodgem cars, which can accommodate 2 passengers.

1 seat kids bumper car price

This dual occupancy feature significantly enhances the interactive and enjoyable aspect of the bumper car game experience.

Furthermore, we equip the majority of our bumper cars, which include battery-operated dashing cars, ground-grid bumper cars, and skynet bumper car rides, with two seats. And the two-seater design not only increases the fun but also allows adults to share the experience with their kids.

Investment Cost of Battery Bumper Cars Is Lower Than That of Grid Bumper Cars

buy a cheap bumper car battery

Next, If you are on a tight budget but still want to buy amusement bumper cars to your venue, we recommend that you consider investing in battery-powered dodgems. Unlike electric vintage bumper cars, battery bumper cars do not require special ground or additional skynet structures.

This means that you don’t need to buy and install special floors and skynets, saving a lot of investment costs to a certain extent. Besides, purchasing a set of battery dodgem from our company may cost you $900 to $1,500. Moreover, our battery bumper car rides only require a flat ground. Whether on cement roads or asphalt roads, it can provide passengers with a pleasant collision experience.

However, if you want to provide a more exciting experience, the antique bumper cars for sale may be a better choice. But, whether you choose Skynet Bumper Cars or Floor Grid Dashing Cars, you will need to install additional ceilings or floors to power the dodgems.

vintage skynet dodgem cars for sale

Buying a set of electric grid bumper cars is about US$1,000-1,600 in DINIS factory. Additionally, installing a high-quality modular floor for a bumper car costs around $60 to $70 per square meter. While, the standard modular floors are more affordable.

Besides, Skynet Bumper Car’s special ceiling prices are based on the size of your venue, while the flooring requires regular flooring. Therefore, considering these upfront investments is a must when deciding which bumper cars to buy. Because there are no corresponding facilities, our electric grid bumper car rides will not be put into use.

Customization Services Also Affect the Price of Bumper Cars

ground grid bumper car floor

In addition, DINIS provides customization services for bumper cars. We allow you to choose the exterior color, theme, style and number of seats of your bumper car according to your needs and preferences. For example, if you prefer a single-seater bumper car but want to change it to a two-seater design, this will increase the cost. The specific price depends on your specific customization requirements. Therefore, if you also want to tailor an amusement bumper car for your business, come and send us an inquiry!

Generally speaking, the bumper cars price is affected by the sizes, types, and customization in our company. It costs about $480-$700 to buy a single-seater bumper car, which is about $450-$1,000 cheaper than a two-seater dashing car. In addition, if your initial budget is not high, we really recommend that you choose battery bumper cars. It does not require a special power supply structure, saving your investment costs to a great extent. But if you want to provide passengers with a more exciting bumper car game experience, then the grid bumper car may be a good choice.

Moreover, no matter what kind of dodgem car it is, Dinis can customize it to suit your needs. We can also offer discounts if you choose to purchase in bulk. Therefore, if you want to buy bumper cars for your amusement park, come and send us an inquiry!

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