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Do you want to buy a self-control ride for your business? DINIS designs and manufactures various amusement rides for kids and adults. Among them, our self control plane has recently been favored and appreciated by many investors. Moreover, there are self control plan rides with different capacities for you to choose from.

self control plane ride

For example, the 12-seater, 16-seater, 20-seater, and 24-seater carnival plane mechanical rides that you can buy from our factory. And buying a set of 12-seater self-control plane ride only costs the minimum of $10,000-$12,000. Besides, DINIS also provides more mechanical self control rides, such as the small electric trains, battery-operated dodgem cars, octopus rides,etc. If you want to add a self-control ride to your venue, why not come to DINIS and take a look?

DINIS Manufactures Amusement Park Self-control Plane for Kids

Do you want to buy a self-control kiddie ride for your business? DINIS has manufactured fun self-control plane park rides with colorful lights and special shapes. Its appearance is very unique, just like a real rocket. And there are many small spacecraft around the rocket. When running, the spacecraft will make a circular motion around the rocket column in the center. Meanwhile, it can also raise and lower itself, which looks very interesting and fun.

electric self control plane
self control plane ride for kids

In addition, our self-controlled aircraft move smoothly, without the violent shaking of a disco turner or the ups and downs of a roller coaster. This also makes it particularly suitable for most children. Moreover, to ensure the safety of children while they enjoy this amusement park equipment, we have equipped it with safety belts. Additionally, guardrails have been installed to prevent children from falling or getting injured during playtime. 

Besides, the cabin is big enough to accommodate 1 adult and 1 child. And the children can also invite their parents to enjoy such a wonderful journey. In this way, they will have a unique experience and your park will gain many regular customers. At the same time, your profits will increase. It can be said that it is the best of both worlds.

12-24 Seat Self Control plane Rides for Sale

self control plane ride for sale manufacturer

DINIS offers self-control airplane rides in a variety of sizes, from small to large. While each ride has a similar aesthetic, they are designed for different capacities, with options for 12, 16, 20 or 24 people. These rides are suitable for a wide range of locations, including shopping malls, amusement parks, city parks, resorts, and even coastal areas. Additionally, they are powered by electricity, ensuring environmental protection with no pollution.

Importantly, you can manage both the speed and lift height from a control panel, allowing for customized experiences. For safety, we equip each cabin with seat belts and guardrails, as well as an emergency braking system. Constructed from high-quality fiberglass and steel, our self-control plane rides are durable and designed for longevity, with a life expectancy of more than 8 years.

Furthermore, we offer a one-year warranty and lifetime technical support for all of our self-control mechanical rides. This ensures that you receive continuous assistance and the highest level of service from us.

Specification of our Self-control Plane Ride

In order to help you understand the detailed information of our self-control plane rides more quickly, we have listed the following table for your reference.




Max capacity

Covered area


Lift height



12 seat self control plane ride

Fiberglass+ Steel

6 arms







16 seat self control plane ride

Fiberglass+ Steel

8 arms

>500kg 11m



380V 12KW

20 seat self control plane ride

Fiberglass+ Steel

10 arms





380V 12KW

24 seat self control plane ride

Fiberglass+ Steel

12 arms





380V 35KW

How much does It Cost to Buy a Quality Self-control Plane Amusement Ride?


12 seat self control plane ride

16 seat self control plane ride

20 seat self control plane ride

24 seat self control plane ride

Price range





DINIS sells electric self control plane ride

DINIS provides affordable self control plane amusement rides for you. In our company, you only need to spend a minimum of $10,000-$12,000 to buy a set of self-control airplane ride. It has a beautiful appearance and excellent quality and can accommodate 12 people.

If you want to buy a self-control plane mechanical ride with a larger capacity, we recommend you choose a 16-seater. Its size and capacity are just right, which can add interest to your venue and bring you good profits. Buying a set of such a carnival ride will cost about $13,000-$16,000.

However, if you prefer to choose a self control ride plane for your family, then a 20-24-seater autonomous aircraft may be the best option. They can accommodate multiple families to experience at the same time, and, it is also suitable for gatherings of friends. Meanwhile, they require more budget, probably not less than $20,500 per set.

Beside, our company also provides customization service. You can change the color scheme of the plane carnival rides according to your requirements. Meanwhile, this customization service may also affect its price. If you would like to get the detailed price of our self-control plane ride, please feel free to contact us!

electric self control plane ride manufacturer

How do Self-controlled Airplane rides Work?

Hydraulic Electrical System, Pneumatic System and Electromechanical System Provide Power for Self Control Plane Rides

Do you want to know how our self control plane ride work? In fact, the main power comes from the central hydraulic-electric system. It is mainly divided into three parts: hydraulic electric system, pneumatic system and electromechanical system.

self control airplane ride material

The central motor is responsible for driving the overall operation of the ride. While the pneumatic system is responsible for accurately controlling the lifting and lowering of each cabin. In this way, our self control plane can rise and fall freely without any manual intervention from passengers. Moreover, the rotational power of our self control plane is stably transmitted through high-quality transmission devices, ensuring ride safety.

In addition, the oil cylinder system under each aircraft cabin can accurately control the lifting and lowering movements of the aircraft. And you can also easily manage the operation of the whole system through the console. This is undoubtedly convenient and efficient.

However, there’s no denying that having passengers manually operate these little planes adds interactivity and fun to the ride. Therefore, we have equipped each cabin of the self control plane carnival ride with an independent joystick. So you can control the height of the small aircraft by operating the control lever in the cabin.

This kind of autonomous aircraft that integrates mechanical, electronic, and pneumatic technologies can bring amusement facilities to your amusement park and increase your overall income.

how does a self control airplane work

More Self-control Mechanical Carnival Rides You can Find in Our Company

self control bee ride

In addition to the self-control planes, you can also find other self-control mechanical rides in DINIS. For example, the Bee-shaped self-control ride, shark-themed carnival self-control ride, self-control Donald Duck ride. And other similar-looking but non-self-control household rotating mechanical rides, such as octopuses rides, kangaroo jump rides, and mechanical airplane rides. They are all very popular with investors with different requirements.

Besides, they are made of relatively durable fiberglass, the interior is made of high-quality steel skeleton, strong and durable. Moreover, we design them in various shapes and paint them colorfully, making them attractive to kids and adults. What’s more, all them need undergo strict inspections such as weld inspection and load test in accordance with national standards before leaving our factory.

self control shark ride

Furthermore, our self-control rides have obtained the EU’s product landmark certification(CE) and ISO certification. So the quality is absolutely reliable. In addition, we will send corresponding text information to you before shipment to ensure customers’ safe operation, daily maintenance and after-sales protection.

DINIS always adheres to the corporate philosophy of quality first and customer first. And committed to building the best and most affordable self control plane ride for every investors. If you are interested in our self control plane ride, please send us an inquiry at any time!

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