indoor mini pendulum for sale

There is no doubt that manufacturing a mini pendulum for sale definitely requires prior elaborate design and rigorous production process. DINIS designed the mini pendulum ride with a capacity of 6 seats. It not only meets the needs of small venues, but also provides passengers with an exciting experience.

Moreover, it also saves you the cost of upfront investment. It costs about $6,000-$10,000 to buy a set of such pendulum ride. Moreover, we use high-quality steel and fiberglass, which are strong and durable, and have exquisite workmanship. DINIS is a mini pendulum amusement ride manufacturer with more than 20 years of manufacturing experience!

6 Seat Mini Pendulum Ride Design with Multiple Considerations for You

DINIS designs and manufactures the mini pendulum with 6 seats. And there are many advantages for investors with different requirements:

design of the mini pendulum ride for sale
  • Its appearance must be brightly colored and unique in shape, which is crucial to attract passengers for you.
  • The 6-seater capacity is sufficient for a family or a small group of friends. It can provide passengers with an intimate riding experience, very suitable for families and friends to enjoy together.
  • We designed it to be small, which can effectively utilize your limited space, thus saving more space for other equipment, such as mini carousels, mini roller coasters, or small trains.
  • Smaller rides can mean you pay less and are easier to maintain, while still providing an exciting entertainment experience for your guests.

Based on the above reasons, we designed the mini pendulum device to look like a large pendulum, but with a reduced height. Moreover, we also decorate its exterior with various colored lights, making it look beautiful both during the day and at night.

Amusement Pendulum Mini Ride with High-quality Steel Frame and Fiberglass Shell

We use high-quality steel for the internal frame of the mini pendulum amusement park ride. Moreover, each piece of steel has its own number, which helps ensure accuracy, efficiency and traceability of the manufacturing process.

mini pendulum ride material

Additionally, we use fiberglass material to manufacture the outer casings of the mini pendulums. This material is highly malleable and can be molded into a variety of complex shapes.

Moreover, the fiberglass casings are tough and will not crack, even when fitted over a steel frame. Furthermore, we have polished the exterior of the mini pendulum to a very smoot finish. Therefore, it is very safe and does not pose any potential danger to your passengers.

How do we Manufacture the Mini Pendulums for Sale?

Additionally, we use fiberglass material to manufacture the outer casings of the mini pendulums. This material is highly malleable and can be molded into a variety of complex shapes.

How to Make Pendulum Mini Rides
  • First of all, we will weld the steel parts following the plans and continue until the frame of the mini pendulum is complete. Then, we meticulously inspect every weld joint using magnetic particle inspection or ultrasonic testing methods. And make sure that every connection is flawless.
  1. Meanwhile, we will skillfully perform steps such as coating, demolding, sanding, painting, and drying on fiberglass to make the mini pendulum ride’s outer shell. And make sure that it looks bright and appealing. In addition, the seats of the mini pendulum are also crafted from the fiberglass material. They feature a smooth exterior, sturdy texture, and provide a safe and comfortable seating experience.
  2. After manufacturing the mini pendulum frame and shell, we attach the shell to its frame section by section and secure it with screws. At the same time, secure the safety bars to the seats.
  3. Next, we’ll install the electrical wiring, control panels, lighting, and calibrate to make sure everything is up to standard and safe.
  4. Finally, after assembly, we conduct rigorous safety inspections and tests on the mini pendulum to guarantee its performance and safety.

The above outlines the general process we follow in manufacturing the mini pendulum equipment. As a reputable amusement equipment manufacturer, we take pride in the fact that all of our mini pendulum rides undergo rigorous quality inspections. We are fully capable of providing the certifications you require, including CE and ISO, to ensure the highest standards of safety and quality. By choosing DINIS, rest assured that you can be assured of reliability and excellence that won’t disappoint.

If you would like to know more details about how to make pendulum mini rides, you are always welcome to visit our factory.

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