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Are you still wondering which pendulum equipment to choose for your amusement park? The pendulum amusement park ride manufacturer offers 3 solutions for investors with different scales of fairgrounds.

There are 6/ 12/ 24 seat pendulum roller coasters for you to choose from. Additionally, buy a high-quality pendulum swing ride set for as little as $6,000 to $10,000. They are exquisite and colorful, made of premium fiberglass, strong and durable. Moreover, the mini pendulum is also suitable for children to ride. Even if you use it indoors, it is appropriate. So, look no further, come to DINIS to choose a pendulum ride for your theme park!

How Much do Pendulum Rides for Amusement Park Cost?

Do you want to know the current market price of the amusement park pendulum ride? DINIS has compiled a list of price ranges for pendulum rides of different sizes from different manufacturers for your reference.

Capacity Material Price Range
6 seat pendulum ride Metal, Fiberglass, or other $6,000-$10,000 /set
12 seat pendulum ride Metal, Fiberglass, or other $23,000-$46,000 /set
24 seat pendulum ride Metal, Fiberglass, or other $30,000-$85,000 /set

From the above table, we can understand that the current selling prices of amusement park pendulums of different sizes are uneven. In addition to comparing prices, the quality, performance, and after-sales service of the pendulum are also important for your investment.

If you want to choose a high quality pendulum for your park, it will definitely take a lot of effort. But fortunately, DINIS solves these problems for you by providing the most cost-effective pendulum amusement rides from small to large.

pendulum ride price

Moreover, our company is proud to introduce to you our different sizes of carnival pendulum swing rides. Not only are the prices competitive, but each piece of pendulum has undergone strict quality inspection to ensure that your amusement park can have the safest and most durable entertainment facilities. Below is the price range of our different sizes of large pendulums, as well as their detailed specifications:

Note: The above table is for reference only, please contact us for detailed information and prices.

Capacity Material Covered area Height Voltage Power Speed Swing Angle Price Range
6 seat pendulum ride High quality Fiberglass + Steel 6m*5m 4.5m 380V 10KW < 1.9m/s 55-60 degree $6,000-$10,000 /set
12 seat pendulum ride High quality Fiberglass + Steel 7m*7m 6m 380V 16KW < 1.9m/s 55-60 degree $15,000-$28,000 /set
24 seat pendulum ride High quality Fiberglass + Steel 13m*10m 9.5m 380V 19KW/36KW < 1.9m/s 55-60 degree $50,000-$60,000 /set

Our pendulum rides combine modern design, advanced technology and superior performance to ensure the best possible experience for your visitors. Furthermore, DINIS allows you to customize the ride according to your needs. Whether it’s colour, lighting or sound effects, we can tailor it to make your amusement park unique. If you’d like to see what the pendulums we make for amusement parks look like, read on with me!

High quality Amusement Park Pendulum Rides for Sale

mini pendulum swing ride for sale

In order to meet the requirements of different amusement park investors, DINIS has manufactured pendulum park rides from small, medium, to large size. And they can accommodate 6, 12 and 24 people respectively. Moreover, they are all refined and decorated with many colorful lights. Whether you use them during the day or at night, it can make a strong impression on your customers.

In addition, we manufacture them with a high quality fiberglass shell and a steel frame, sturdy and durable. Not easily damaged even if you use them outdoors in your playground for a long time. Besides, we choose premium paints and use professional baking techniques to make the park pendulum shells. It is brightly colored and will not fade even after years of wind, sun and rain.

6/12/24 Seat Pendulum Ride for Investors with Different Scales of Theme Parks

DINIS offers to each investor the best pendulum ride solution for his amusement park site. Whether you operate a small amusement park, a large theme park or a water park, you can find the best size pendulum in our company. Besides, if you want to use the pendulum in your indoor playground, there is also an appropriate recommendation for you.

6 seat Mini Pendulum for Small Funfair and Indoor Playground

6 seat mini pendulum ride for sale

For those small playgrounds that are just starting out or have limited space, choosing a 6-seater pendulum will be a wise decision.

First, it only takes up about 6×5 meters of space, which can meet your compact site requirements. Moreover, it can also save your budget as much as possible. By installing one of them, your playground will have enough space for other attractive features, such as a small pirate ship or a mini carousel ride. This ensures your visitors experience both stimulating and gentle equipment in your playground.

Moreover, the small pendulum is a suitable amusement park project for families with children. This small pendulum ride does not swing very much during operation and is relatively gentle compared to a large pendulum. Therefore, it is also suitable for some children who are looking for excitement.

In addition, since its height is only 4.5 meters, it is also suitable for your indoor funfair. At the same time, the maintenance is convenient and economical for you. Buying such a small pendulum means that you’ll be able to enjoy a high return on investment in the near future.

Medium Theme Parks Use 12-seat Pendulum Swing Rides

For mid-sized theme parks, choosing a 12-seat Pendulum Park ride is a good idea. It’s not too small, not too big, just right. Also, it can accommodate more visitors than a mini pendulum ride. This means it will bring you more money each time it runs. And it offers just the right amount of fun to be exciting and entertaining. Therefore, both young people looking for excitement and families with children can experience it.

Moreover, from an investment point of view, it is also a good choice. It can make your amusement park look more fun while you don’t have to spend too much money on maintenance.

12 seat small pendulum ride

Choose a Large Pendulum Ride for 24 People in Your Amusement Park

24 seat pendulum amusement park ride

However, if you operate a large theme park or water park, we sincerely recommend that you choose the 24-seat pendulum. It can provide a more exciting experience for your customers. Not only does it provide visitors with a more exciting experience. Moreover, due to its large structure, it can give passengers a higher visual impact. And allow them to take in the view of your venue from the air.

In addition, because it can accommodate more people at the same time. Thus, it can help quickly reduce queues and improve the operating efficiency of your amusement park during peak tourist period. Such an investment is undoubtedly a smart move for you to increase the attractiveness and profitability of your park.

Amusement Park Pendulum Ride Manufacturer and Supplier

Do you already have an idea about which hammer ride to choose for your amusement park? It doesn’t matter if you don’t have one, DINIS can also provide you with customized services. Whether you want to customize the color, design, or capacity of your new pendulum, we will do our best to meet your requirements.

As an amusement manufacturer, DINIS has been dedicated to manufacturing exciting amusement park rides for more than 20 years. Such as large pendulums, swinging ship ride, disco tagadas, high-altitude flights, amusement park flying chairs and other amusement rides. Whether you’re looking to buy a swing pendulum ride to start your park business or picking up a new piece of equipment for your playground, we can provide you with the best options based on your budget and needs. Also, we back up our amusement park equipment with a one-year warranty and lifetime technical support. We always insist on “quality first, customer first”. Choose DINIS and you won’t be disappointed!

If you are interested in our amusement park rides, please contact us at anytime!

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