Experience the joy of soaring in the air on our state-of-the-art flying chair! As a leading manufacturer of amusement park rides, DINIS puts the safety of our passengers first. Before you enjoy your thrilling ride, please take a moment to review what are the rules when riding a flying chair.

  • Height and weight requirements:

First, for the safety of your passengers and the integrity of the journey, please enforce specific height and weight restrictions. For example, you can limit the minimum height to 102cm (40 inches) or higher. And limit maximum weight to 100kg (220 lbs) or less. Besides, Although there is no minimum weight limit, we still need to ensure that the passengers can safely fit into our flying chair seats. For example, we do not recommend that little baby ride it. Setting height and safety limits not only keeps your passengers safe, but also keeps your business running smoothly.

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  • Security constraints:

Second, before takeoff, all riders must have their harnesses secured by a member of our team. The snugness of their harness is crucial in keeping them safe. So please ask your passengers to cooperate with us in making adjustment for a prefect fit.

  • Loose items:

Third, to prevent any objects from falling and endangering others, ask your passengers remove all loose articles, such as sunglasses, hats, and items in your pockets. Lockers are available nearby to store their belongings securely.

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  • Inner side of hands and feet:

Besides, when riding, please ask passengers to keep their hands and feet inside the chair. These chairs are designed to swing and swivel freely, and any interference with their natural movement could be dangerous.

  • Correct behavior:

For the duration of the ride, ask passengers don’t stand up, lean out, or attempt to unfasten their restraints. Meanwhile, our staff need to constantly monitor riding and conditions and take immediate action to ensure everyone’s safety.

  • Emergency procedures:

In the event of an emergency, please ask passengers to remain calm and follow our instructions. Our fully trained team can handle every situation and ensure their safe guidance. For example, immediately stop the equipment, assess the situation and implement an emergency response plan.

If the device stops in mid-air, passengers are asked to remain in their seats, fasten their seat belts or maintain the position of the safety bar, and wait for further instructions from the staff. Attempting to exit on your own may carry greater risks.

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If someone is injured, call medical personnel immediately. Until then, make sure your amusement park has first aid stations and/or staff trained in first aid.

  • Exit a ride:

Last, after the amusement park flying chair comes to a complete stop, ask passengers to wait for instructions from the staff before unfastening their seat belts. Exit your journey calmly and orderly to ensure the adventure ends as safely as it began.

  • Clear communication:

We communicate safety guidelines through clearly visible signage, verbal instructions from staff, and pre-ride safety videos to ensure all guests are fully informed.

Passenger safety is our top priority and with our cooperation we can ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for everyone. We’re constantly working to improve our rides and attractions, so we always welcome feedback from you and your passengers.

Understand what are the rules when riding a flying chair. Enjoy the flight on a flying chair, where excitement meets the sky, safety first!

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