On January 27, 2024, our company received an email from Iraq. The customer mentioned in his letter that he wanted to build a playground in the mall. And asked for our suggestions and the price of the rides we manufactured. Then,we contacted the customer immediately and learned about the size and height of his venue. Considering his requirements, we recommend our battery operated bumper cars for sale for him.

Why We Recommend You Buy Battery Dodgem Rides for Shopping Malls?

Subsequently, we explained why we strongly recommend the use of battery-operated dodgem rides in his shopping mall.

battery operated bumper car for sale in DINIS factory

First, the battery bumper car is a popular amusement ride. Its high level of interaction and entertaining gameplay have made it a favorite among both children and adults.

Second, if you build a bumper car area in your mall, it will definitely attract many customers to experience it. 

Meanwhile, they are also more likely to make purchases at other stores within the mall, thus boosting the mall’s overall sales.

Last but not least, as a high-profit amusement attraction, the battery dodgems can offer you a quick return on investment. This may be an aspect that you find particularly important. In these respects, he agreed with our points of view.

Battery Operated Bumper Cars for Sale That Do Not Require Special Ground and Operation Advice

The customer then inquired whether the battery-operated dashing car required a special floor. In fact, it does not need a specialized floor like the Ground Grid Bumper Car, nor does it require an overhead net like the Skynet Bumper Car for operation. It simply requires a flat and hard surface, allowing your customers to enjoy the ride.

Moreover, it can operate at a top speed of approximately 10 km/h, offering a comfortable and thrilling experience for customers. The only thing you need to note is that you need to fully charge the dodgem battery. It can runs for 6-8h, which is enough for you to use for a day. 

battery dodgem ride for kids and adults

Besides, we sincerely recommended that he install a fence around the battery dodgem area to ensure passengers’ safety. After hearing our advice, he appeared satisfied and was grateful for the suggestion.

DINIS Offers Affordable Battery Dashing Car ($1,050-$1,250/ Set) and More Amusement Rides for Indoor Mall

Iraq Battery Bumper Car in Shopping Mall

The customer inquired about the price of our battery bumper cars, which is about $1,050 to $1,250 each. He indicated his intention to purchase 6 battery dodgems and requested that they be included in the final quote. 

Additionally, he expressed interest in other indoor rides, including the mini pendulum ride, trampoline, a custom 8-meter flying chair, a small boat swing ride, and the energy storm ride. Ultimately, this customer decided to purchase 8 different types of amusement rides from us.

In the end, we calculated that he would require nine containers to ship his rides and provided him with the cost of domestic transportation within our country. The customer was satisfied with our calculations and inquired about the final discounted price. 

battery bumper car price

Within three weeks, we finalized the deal. The Iraq battery bumper car in shopping mall and other indoor rides were dispatched from the factory on schedule in accordance with his requirements.

Now, his battery bumper cars and other rides are officially in operation. The client has reported excellent revenue and passenger experiences and expressed gratitude for the solutions we provided for his mall playground.

If you have an interest in our Iraq battery bumper car in shopping mall, please free feel to send us an inquiry!

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