DINIS’s Liberia Kids Dodgem Cars are currently very popular among children. At the beginning of 2024, we were delighted to receive an email from a customer in Libya. In the letter, he expressed his New Year’s greetings to us and asked about the specific prices of the kids dodgem cars sold by our company.

Choose Bumper Cars for Outdoor Children’s Playground in Libya

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After receiving his email, our salesperson representative contacted the customer as soon as possible. From subsequent chats we learned that he had recently rented a plot of land. And he was planning to build a small outdoor play area for kids. After comparing the styles and prices of multiple products online, he decided to send us a quote to inquire about the specific price of the children’s bumper cars.

DINIS Sells Liberia Kids Dodgem Cars in a Cartoon Style

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At first, this young customer preferred a classic-style bumper car for kids that was recommended on our website. Then, we recommended our newly designed cartoon-style kiddie dodgem. He said he really liked it and asked about the price. We explained that each set costs about $700-$1,000. Obviously this was acceptable to him.

Battery Operated Bumper Cars are Suitable for Your Various Flat Venues

How much to buy a kids bumper car

We told him that the bumper car is battery powered and doesn’t need to run on a special floor. And you don’t need to treat your floor at all, just make sure it’s smooth and clean. Therefore, buying such a kids bumper car battery can save your budget to some extent. 

Moreover, you can use the battery continuously for 6-8 hours on each full charge, which will not interfere with your daily business. Just remember to charge it before going to sleep and don’t overcharge it.

Children’s Safety is Key to Your Continued Revenue with Our Electric Dodgem Rides

In response to this customer’s safety concern, we explained that our equipment is absolutely safe for children. Then, we explained the following reason to him.

Liberia Kids Dodgem Cars
  • First, we make our kids’ dodgem car from high-quality fiberglass, which is strong and impact-resistant. Even after tens of thousands of collisions, the car body sustains no damage whatsoever.
  • Second, the interior and exterior of the dodgem car are smooth and do not pose any potential danger to children.
  • Third, the operating speed of the small bumper car is moderate and safe for children. The bumper cars we have designed for children are not as fast as the adult models. They can provide a good gaming experience for children while ensuring their safety.
  • Then, this customer wondered if he needed to install protective fencing around his site, and we confirmed and supported his idea. Installing protective nets can limit children’s activity areas and ensure their safety to a certain extent.

Finally, he purchased 12 kids bumper cars for his outdoor business. After another two months of production and shipping, the Liberia kids dodgem cars are now up and running. According to this customer’s feedback, there are many parents who bring their children to experience our bumper cars every day.

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As a result, his small children’s playground has become very popular and business is also very good. And he praised our battery operated bumper cars and service, and expressed his eagerness for future cooperation. We are proud of and will continue to improve our service quality. In addition, we look forward to long-term cooperation with our customer and supporting his business development.

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