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Experience the Spinning Fun with DINIS Vintage Teacup Amusement Ride

Do you want to purchase an amusement teacup ride for your vintage theme park? DINIS, the mechanical rides manufacturer, has been dedicated to building teacup rides for more than 20 years. We design various teacup rides for people of different ages.

Vintage teacup amusement ride for sale

There are Boonie Bears themed teacup ride for kids, bee cup ride, gear-style mad tea cup ride for the family, and classic vintage cup ride amusement. Among them, the old style cup rides are favored by many investors. It does not represent only one tea cup ride, but a variety of styles. Regardless of whether you prefer the Chinese Porcelain style, the Modern Era retro style, or a nostalgic, vintage red design for your rotating cup rides, you can find a selection to suit your taste at DINIS.

Classic 24/36 Seats Teacup Rides for Sale with Multiple Old Themes

We design these vintage teacup rides are available in two sizes to accommodate 24 or 36 people. The 24-seat teacup ride has 6 cabins, each accommodating 4 passengers. While the 36-seater vintage teacup amusement ride has 9 cabins. Meanwhile, to cater to the diverse preferences of investors, we also design them with elements of different styles.

First, if you have a special fondness for Chinese culture, we’d highly recommend our giant teacup ride in the style of blue and white porcelain. Actually, we design it inspired by the aesthetics of traditional Chinese blue and white ceramics. It looks like the kind of ornate wine pot commonly found in the households of ancient Chinese nobility, exuding a classical elegance.If you ride on such a tea cup, you will be immerse yourself in the rich ambiance of traditional Chinese charm.

Chinese style rotating vintage cup ride
buy a vintage tea cup ride

Second, if you prefer a modern aesthetic with contrasting color sand deep visual impact, we also have a suitable teacup ride for you. This cup ride captivates with its bold color scheme, including vivid colors like red, yellow, blue, green, and pink. Sitting in this cup gives you the sensation of dizzying enchantment, as if sharing an afternoon tea with Marilyn Monroe. What a wonderful experience that would be!

The last one, our classic teacup ride for sale, which features a red mug paired with a traditional Chinese wine pot. Obviously, it symbolizes a perfect fusion of Eastern and Western cultures—simple yet elegant. Regardless of its location, it will stand out as a truly unique piece. Whichever design you choose, our coffee cup rides guarantee to deliver a unique and delightful experience. And ensure an abundance of joy for you and your guests.

Classic red retro teacup ride

The Price to Buy a Teacup Ride Vintage

Want to know how much it costs to buy a vintage teacup amusement ride? In DINIS factory, we sell all our mechanical rides, whether a teacup ride, a carousel, a train ride, or a thrilling pendulum ride, at the best ex-factory price. We are the first dealer, so you don’t have to worry about middlemen making the difference. In order to help you quickly understand the prices and specifications about our old style cup rides, we have listed the following table for your reference. Besides, if you want to get detailed price, please feel free to send us an inquiry!

Style Capacity Cups Number Area Size Price Range
Blue and White Porcelain Style 24/36 seats 6 or 9 cups 7m/ 9m $9,000$10,500 ,  $40,000-$50,000
Colorful Modern Retro Style 24/36 seats 6 or 9 cups 7m/ 9m $10,000$10,500, $40,500-$52,500
Vintage Red style 24/ 36 seats 6 or 9 cups 7m/ 9m $9,500-$10,000, $40,500-$54,000

What Materials do You Use to Build Old Teacup Rides for Sale?

the teacup ride material

We make all of our vintage teacup amusement rides from high-quality fiberglass and steel materials. Fiberglass is known for being sturdy yet lightweight, making the teacups crafted from this material easy to install and transport later on. Additionally, it offers excellent corrosion resistance and color stability. So you won’t need to perform frequent maintenance or repaint them. Importantly, our company ensures that the fiberglass used to produce the teacups is free of any talcum powder, which is crucial to ensuring the quality of the product.

Moreover, the steel we use for the teacup is A3 carbon steel as specified by Chinese standard GB/T 700-2006. It is equivalent to ISO standard C45 steel or American ASTM standard 1045 steel. This type of steel has good weldability and machinability, along with sufficient strength and hardness. Therefore, it is highly suitable for the production of teacup rides. Our unwavering dedication to using the finest materials guarantees both the longevity and durability of our teacup rides. This practice is a clear reflection of the reliability and trustworthy craftsmanship that is the hallmark of our company’s reputation.

What material teacup ride use

How Antique Teacup Rides Work?

How old style teacup ride work

Do you know how those old teacup rides work? Let me explain. The foundation of this amusement is a large spinning platform, which is powered by a motor.The large platform supports the teacups we sit in. Beneath each teacup, there’s a smaller disc that allows for individual rotation. As the main platform turns, the separate little teacups with us inside not only revolve around the central teapot but can also spin on their own. You can control the spinning speed with a steering wheel in the center of the teacup. So, you can spin slowly or quickly, depending entirely on your own preference.

Although this ride is very simple, it is a lot of fun and provides us with the thrill of spinning at our own pace. We make sure this attraction is safe and reliable, and it comes with that charming touch of nostalgia. What are you waiting for? Come to DINIS factory to buy teacup rides for your amusement park! Invite your customers to jump into a cup ride and enjoy the merry-go-round fun now!

vintage teacup ride cabin

In conclusion, our vintage carnival teacup rides are well worthwhile to invest. They not only boast unique designs, but also come in a variety of styles, such as the classic Chinese porcelain look, retro modern styles, and the ever-popular vintage motif. Besides, made of high-quality fiberglass, free of any talcum powder, our teacup rides are assured in quality. Moreover, you can confidently use them for over 8 years with proper operation and maintenance.

More importantly, purchasing a 24-seat vintage cup ride from DINIS will only cost between $9,000 and $10,500. A larger 36-seat model also has a reasonable price range of $40,000 to $54,000. They are suitable for both children and adults, offering a highly interactive and fun experience.

So if you have an interest in our vintage teacup amusement ride, please send us an inquiry at anytime!

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