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Do you want to add an exciting and family-friendly spinning amusement ride to run your business? DINIS sincerely recommends that you choose our 36/40 seat octopus rides for sale. They look domineering, with a large octopus appearance.

octopus rides for kids

If you have ridden it, you will be amazed by its unique design. Indeed, it make you experience double spin feeling. Moreover, they run at a moderate speed and the speed can be adjusted by yourself. What’s more, made of high quality fiberglass and steel, it is strong and corrosion-resistant. Even if you want to use it outdoors, it is appropriate. The skilled amusement ride manufacturer, DINIS, sells the affordable octopus for $26,500 to $34,500. Don’t hesitate any longer, come and take a look!

Ride the Amusement Park Octopus: Dual Rotation and Dynamic Cabin Experience

Have you ever experienced an exciting octopus ride at an amusement park? Its overall appearance is very domineering, with a large size and a special operation mode. There are 5 arms connected to its central axis. Besides, the end of each big arm is connected to 3/4 cartoon fish cabins. And each fish cabin can accommodate 2 passengers.

When running, its big arm will rotate around the central axis. In addition, the cabin itself will also rotate 360 degrees around the big arm, giving you a dual rotation experience. Moreover, each arm will also move up, down, and bend. At the same time, the car will automatically rise or land. Once you have ridden it, I think you will definitely appreciate the unique way it works and the interesting riding experience.

36/ 40 Seat Carnival Octopus Rides for Sale

family octopus rides

DINIS launches two different sizes of large octopus rides. They are similar in appearance and consist of a central axis, large arms, cockpit, octopus shape and fiberglass decoration. However, the number of seats is slightly different, with a capacity of 36 and 40 people respectively. Even during periods of high visitor traffic, they can accommodate a large number of guests. This will undoubtedly improve the operational efficiency of your venues and consequently increase your overall revenue.

Additionally, their appearance is quite distinctive and whimsical, appealing to children and adults alike. At the top of its central axis, we designed a large cartoon octopus decoration. It looks very vivid, just like a real octopus. Moreover, it runs at a moderate speed, making it perfect for those people who like a little more excitement. We also equip it with colored lights and sound effects to give your customers a unforgettable riding experience.

real octopus ride price

How Much does the octopus amusement ride cost?

Do you want to know the carnival octopus ride price? In order to quickly understand our octopus equipment, I have listed the parameters and prices of these two rides with different specifications in the table below. Please note that the prices in the table below are only a reference range. If you would like to know the specific price, please feel free to contact us.

Style Price Material Covered Size Height Lifting  Height Speed Voltage Power
36 seat octopus ride $26,500-$29,500 Steel Frame + FRP Shell 15*15m 4.5m 1.5m Adjustable 380V 15KW
40 seat octopus ride $30,000-$34,500 Steel Frame + FRP Shell 16*16m 6m 1.5m Adjustable 380V 15KW

High-quality Fiberglass, Steel Material, and Environmentally Friendly Water-based Paint for Manufacturing your octopus ride

carnival octopus ride cabins

As we all know, price is usually determined by a variety of factors. And quality must be one of the key factors. Choosing a high quality octopus amusement park ride is crucial for your business. Not only will it ensure the safety of your visitors, but it will also attract more customers. This will improve the reputation of your venue and help you maintain a leading position in the competitive market.

At DINIS, we assure you that we use top-grade steel to construct the solid frame of our octopus rides. This material guarantees that even when exposed to the elements outdoors, the equipment can resist corrosion and remain intact. Besides, the shell of octopus ride is produced by us. We have been doing this for more than 20 years and have a lot of experience. Moreover, we require the octopus ride to be flawless, and every part of its shell is smooth. This is safe and friendly for all your customers, whether they are children or adults.

how to build an octopuse amusement park ride

Furthermore, we specifically choose eco-friendly water-based paints to coat the carnival octopus shell. These paints are not only durable but also harmless to humans and do not pollute the environment. They are also water-resistance, wear-resistance, anti-aging, and non-yellowing. Even with prolonged outdoor exposure, your octopus ride will retain its vibrant colors.

Therefore, choosing our octopus amusement rides means that you invest in a perfect ride blending of aesthetics, durability, and eco-friendliness. And it will add lasting value to your business.

Vintage octopus ride is a very suitable for family entertainment

octopus amusement park ride

Want to buy a spinning ride that both children and adults will enjoy? This Octopus ride is great for families for several reasons:

  • First, the exterior of our octopus rides for sale are vintage and bright, which can stimulate children’s curiosity and develop their imagination.
  • Second, its running speed is moderate and adjustable. If you want your customers to experience an exciting octopus ride, turn it up a little. If you want to give your passengers a gentler and more comfortable experience, you can turn it down.
  • Then, the octopus device elevates to a relatively low height during operation, approximately 1.5m, which is less than the elevation achieved by the flying chair and large pendulum ride. Even children will not be afraid to sit on it.
  • Next, we use the high-quality fiberglass to manufacture the shell and seats of our amusement octopus ride. Inside it, we use the premium steel frame. Thus, it is absolutely strong, and its exterior is smooth and will not cause any potential harm to passengers.
  • Finally, each of its seats has enough space for 1 adult and 1 child. In addition, each arm can accommodate 3 such combinations, which is also friendly to families with more children.

Therefore, if you want to buy a fun and exciting family ride for your park, we sincerely recommend you to choose the vintage-themed octopus ride.

DINIS manufactures the family-friendly octopus ride for your amusement park or square business. They have an attractive appearance like a real octopus, and can accommodate 36 and 40 passengers respectively.

In addition, the octopus ride has become the most popular spinning ride in many theme parks with special riding experience. It can give people a gentle experience like a carousel, and it can be as exciting as a roller coaster. Buying an octopus ride for sale may cost you $26,500 to $34,500. DINIS has committed to providing you with the best carnival octopus rides.

If you are interested in our octopus amusement rides, please send us an inquiry at any time!

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