Would you like to know how does Disco Tagada ride work? As an exciting and captivating amusement ride, the Disco Tagada is renowned for its cool appearance and entertaining experience. When people ride it, they sometimes feel that it’s as thrilling as a pirate ship ride. At other times, it can feel like a roller coaster with its ups and downs. So, do you know how the Tagada ride operates? Here’s an introduction to its general working principle for your reference:

The Unique Design of Disco Tagada Rides for Sale

First of all, if you look at the disco tagada from the outside, you may feel that it looks like a large tilted disk. When you go inside and look at it, you will find that it has seats that are arranged in a circle around the platform. Moreover, the seats are not equipped with seat belts, but are surrounded by soft cushions. Besides, there is a fence around the outside. Therefore, it is very safe for kids and adults to ride.

In addition, we also equip the Disco Tagatas with colorful flashing lights to enhance the party atmosphere. During the ride, you can not only enjoy the visual and auditory impact of. Moreover, you can dance on the turntable to loud, upbeat music to increase the thrill and excitement.

large tagada ride for sale

What is the Running Process of Carnival Tagada Ride?

  1. When the carnival tagada is ready to start, an air compressor pumps the cylinders. The air cylinder pushes the mechanical parts to move by the expansion action. Thus it realizes the process of starting the equipment to run. Besides, it can also adjust the tilt angle of the turntable or provide additional power assistance during the starting process.
  2. Then, when you sit on the turntable, the tagada ride will begin to rotate, giving you an initial thrilling sensation.
  3. Next, an air compressor will pressurize the two hydraulic columns. Meanwhile, you’ll feel the tagada move up and down periodically, giving you the sensation of weightlessness or free fall!
  4. Then, after 3 to 4 revolutions, the tagada pauses and moves up and down in a rhythmic motion for 3 times. When the up and down rhythmic motion is over, you will have a short time to return to your seat and prepare for the next stage of the experience.
  5. Finally, the music and tagada ride will stop and a safety announcement will begin to remind riders to be safe. At this point, the fun of the tagade ride is over.
How to use the tagada ride

Overall, the disco tagada works through the synergy of pneumatic and hydraulic systems. By adjusting the pressure in the cylinders, the system changes the tilt angle of the turntable to provide passengers with more thrilling experiences. In this way, passengers can experience both weightlessness and excitement at the same time. In addition, the disco tagada is a perfect interactive game. While riding the tagada, your customers will feel like they are part of a lively, energetic disco party. This make it an exciting amusement ride that is well worth the investment. No matter if you use it in your park or square, it can bring your customers a good playing experience.

If you would like to know more details about how does disco tagada ride work, you are always welcome to visit our factory. And if you have an interest in our amusement tagada ride, please send us an inquiry anytime!

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