For safety reasons, we disassemble the carnival trackless train and ship it in parts. We separate the locomotive from the carriages, as depicted in the provided photograph. This practice ensures secure packing and transportation for each component.

The number of containers needed for transportation depends on the specific size and quantity of the train you purchase. Have you decided on which model of the tourist train ride you would like to buy? We can assist you with an approximate calculation of the number of containers required.

To provide you with an accurate estimate for the shipping costs and the delivery timeline, we would need your specific address details. Once we have your address, we can calculate and inform you of the detailed costs and expected delivery date.

The train manufacturing time is approximately 15-20 days. Once you pay the balance, we will arrange for the shipment as quickly as possible.

It takes us about 15-20 days to make the small Christmas train for kids. Could you please specify your location in France? We can provide you with an estimated calculation of the shipping time based on your location.