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large battery run ride on trains and track for sale

Do you want to buy a scenic sightseeing train for your park or tourist attraction? Large tourist trains for sale with track suitable for children and adults are available in DINIS. They are large enough to accommodate 70-96 passengers. In the following article, DINIS lists detailed specifications to facilitate you to understand the track train rides for sightseeing. In addition, we also recommend you 3 types of train cars suitable for sightseeing in your resort or city park. Buy DINIS’s large tourist track train and give your visitors the most relaxing and comfortable sightseeing experience!

70/ 96 Seats Large Sightseeing Train and Tracks

Are you looking to add a special tourist ride on track train to your attraction or theme park? Look no further, DINIS has launched 70 and 96 seat rail tourist trains for your large park. They look like a vintage passenger train and have a smoke effect. When your passengers ride them in your park, they may feel nostalgic for the past.

Moreover, it is very feasible to use the big train ride to carry passengers in your scenic area. This way, even in park that are crowded with tourists, everyone can spread out and avoid crowding. So come and invite your customers to experience our tourist trains. They can not only enjoy a fast and relaxing journey, but also easily enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way!

Specifications for the Large Sightseeing Railroads

In order to help you quickly understand the details of our tourist train rides, we have listed the following parameters table for your reference.

Styles Material Limited slope Power source Running speed Turning radius Emergency baking distance Overall vehicle weight Overall vehicle size
72 Passengers Antique Sightseeing Track Train Sheet Metal+ Steel ≤ 3% Lithium Battery ≤ 7Km/h ≥ 20m ≤0.5m 11t 27.6m*1.6m*2.3m
New Antique 96 people Tourist Track Train Sheet Metal+ Steel ≤ 3% Lithium Battery ≤ 7Km/h ≥ 20m ≤0.5m 11t 32.6m*1.6m*2.3m

Electric Large Steam Railway Trains for Tourists Sightseeing

Want to buy a large tourist train ride which can smoke like a real steam engine? Such a steam sightseeing train popular among kids and adults are available in DINIS now! When it runs in your park, your visitors may surprise its appear. How large and cool, just like the train in the railway station.

electric theme park tourist train for sale with track

However, apart from their appearance, there is still a big difference from the traditional steam train. The traditional steam passenger trains are powered by fuels such as coal, and burned to produce thick smoke. This inevitably caused damage to our beautiful natural environment. However, in order to protect our environment while sightseeing, we’ve manufactured innovative, environment-friendly sightseeing steam trains. They are electrically powered and equipped with advanced electronic cigarette machines. This means we can simulate a traditional steam train spewing smoke, giving your passengers the romantic effect.

Thus, it is very suitable for your park. It can not only giving your passengers a unique sightseeing experience, but also will not cause any harm to your passengers and your environment.

DINIS Provides Best Tourist Train Rides for Kids and Adults

tourist motorized train and carriages for sale

DINIS offers large sightseeing track trains for visitors of all ages, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a comfortable and delightful journey. Furthermore, our large scenic railway trains operate at a safe and steady speed. They are faster than a sightseeing bus but slower than a traditional train. Therefore, it is very ideal for both the young and the elderly. Besides, we also equipped the sightseeing train with artificial leather seats to provide your passengers with a comfort experience even on long rides.

Moreover, considering the necessities of wheelchair users and those with limited mobility, we’ve incorporated portable wheelchair ramps and dedicated wheelchair areas. In addition, our sightseeing trains are family-friendly, offering a convenient means of transportation for families with children. They ease the burden on parents at tourist attractions while allowing kids to enjoy the fun of riding on large trains.

amusement large tourist train and track

Choosing a DINIS sightseeing train can increase the number of visitors to your park and improve their overall sightseeing experience in your park. It will help you attract more potential customers and increase your scenic spot popularity to some extent. In conclusion, investing in our large tourist trains for sale with track for your park will be a worthwhile decision!

What are the 3 Wagons for the Large Tourist Trains for Sale with Tracks?

We understand that each scenic spot has its own unique charm and needs. Therefore, we design 3 different types of carriages for our large track train to give your visitors the best sightseeing experience.

  • Open Car for Large Scenic Train and Track are Suitable for Areas with Mild Climates

First, if you expect the train to run in an area with pleasant climate and stunning scenery, we highly recommend you to choose the open carriages. Imagine that tourists can feel the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful scenery in the open car. This is undoubtedly the most intuitive and closest to nature experience. In addition, this design makes it much easier for tourists to get on and off the train. It is also idea for short trips with frequent stops, and promotes the interaction between tour guides and passengers. To provide the most direct sightseeing experience, this is indeed a good choice.

open tourist track train carriages

  • Semi-Closed Tourist Track Train Cabin: Perfect for Weather Protection and a Great Experience

For areas with large changes in weather or significant seasonal differences, we have the perfect solution: semi-enclosed cars. These sightseeing carriages combine a sense of openness and comfort to give visitors a pleasant sightseeing experience in most weather conditions. It’s a compromise that ensures good visibility for every passenger while providing protection when needed.

semi-enclosed sightseeing railway train cars

  • Fully Enclosed Large Track Train Wagons Provide Good Sightseeing Experience Even in Bad Weather

Finally, for those sightseeing trains that will operate in extreme climates, our fully enclosed carriages can provide a rare level of comfort. Whether it’s sweltering heat or freezing cold, your passengers can enjoy a constant temperature and quiet cabin environment. We can install air conditioning and heating systems according to your needs to ensure passengers have the most comfortable travel experience no matter what the weather. This also helps to maintain the cleanliness of the carriages and scenic spots and prevents tourists from littering.

large tourist track train rides

So, I believe after you reading the above suggestions, you would have a idea for choosing which train car for your park sightseeing train. No matter which wagons for the large tourist trains for sale with track, they can integrate with your park theme. Meanwhile, provide your passengers with the best taking experience.

Where I can Buy the Large Tourist Trains for Sale with Tracks?

Are you still looking for an amusement scenic train manufacturer? DINIS, an experienced train manufacturer produce the best large scenic track train rides for investors with different requirements. We have an independent factory of 50,000 square meters and 400 professional and technical staff to produce the scenic train equipment you need.

Besides, we can also help you design the train operation plan for your site or customize your own train. In addition to the large tourist trains, we also provide trackless trains for tourists, and popular electric train for kids. Choosing DINIS means that you have chosen a mature and reliable manufacturer of tourist trains for sale!

DINIS’s scenic train ride with track and sightseeing trackless trains for sale. They are powered by lithium battery, with long endurance and environment friendly. Moreover, they have the smoke effect like a traditional passenger train. There are 3 scenic train cars suitable for your different requirements. DINIS focus on manufacturing such a train for more than 20 years. The best tourist trains for sale you can find in our company!

If you are interested in our sightseeing train rides, please send us an inquiry at any time!

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