• For Delivery: We can arrange to ship the pirate ship rides directly to your nearest port. We will plan the delivery process once you confirm your final product selection.
  • For Pricing: The price we have provided is an EXW (Ex Works) price, which includes all the necessary accessories for the swing ship rides. Please note that we will calculate the shipping price separately once you confirm the final products.
  • For Customs and Construction: The EXW price does not include customs clearance and the construction of the ride at your site. You will need to handle customs processes independently, and organize the construction and assembly of thepirate ship amusement rides on your own or with local contractors.


Our carnival pirate ship ride for sale is available in a version that includes a trailer, allowing for easier movement. The model is particularly adaptable for those with mobile businesses, as it simplifies transportation without the need for a full container. The trailer option enables you to tow the Pirate Ship to various locations with relative ease. What do you think?