Yes, customization is available. We can manufacture the carnival swing to meet your specific requirements, including color and images, just like the picture you provided to us.


The weight capacity for each chair swing ride is 100kg.

Certainly, we can provide you with the CE and ISO certificates which are necessary for operation in the United States. Please find the certificates attached for your review.

Sorry, we currently have no a local contact in the US. But we can  provide detailed installation drawings and instructions to assist you. Alternatively, we can send engineers to help with the installation process for the amusement flying chair. Please note that the client is responsible for the engineer’s round-trip airfare, a daily salary of $120 USD, visa, and other related costs.

For the maintenance of small kiddie flying chair, we offer a 6-month warranty on electrical appliances and a 12-month warranty on mechanical parts, along with lifetime technical support. The maintenance work would typically be carried out by your local maintenance team, guided by our detailed support and instructions.