Of course, you can customize its exterior color, sticker pattern, and light placement. But please note that if you have customization needs, please inform us in advance.


No, it is not portable and does not come with a trailer. But we do offer some carnival rides that are mobile, such as the mini swing ship rides, trackless train rides, battery operated bumper car rides and so on.

The motors are all purchased and made with copper wiring. And the quality is assured.

Our Kangaroo Jump family ride has two specifications, the 12-seater and 16-seater. Their appearance is similar, you can refer to the attachment for specific parameter list.

Both of the Kangaroo Jump rides have a jumping height of less than 1.6m.

The 12-seat model has a diameter of 6.5m and a height of 3m, and the 16-seat model is larger with a 7.5m diameter and 4.5m height.

To ensure your customers’ safety, we have equipped the carnival kangaroo jump ride with seat belts and safety bars. However, you must check and fasten these safety measures before the ride begins.

Answer: Yes, my friend!  The Kangaroo Jump ride is an excellent choice for family entertainment. The speed is moderate and adjustable to accommodate riders of all ages. Each arm of the ride has two seats, making it suitable for couples or families with children. Safety is a top priority, with the inclusion of seat belts and safety bars, providing a secure and enjoyable experience for the entire family.