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As a children’s amusement equipment manufacturer, Dinis has crafted a range of safe and dependable kids’ flying chairs with 20 years of professional expertise and passion. Each flying chair integrates unique design themes, from animal motifs to fruit parties, providing children with an extraordinary amusement experience. If you’re searching for an attraction that not only sparks joy in children but also offers a return on your investment, Dinis’ kiddie swing ride may be the perfect choice for you.

Dinis Focuses on Offering Safe and Reliable Kiddie Flying Chairs to Investors

Are you still tirelessly searching for a swing ride manufacturer who creates enchanting rides for children? You may have just found the perfect answer. Dinis has been dedicated to manufacturing children’s swing carousels for over 20 years. As a supplier with independent production workshops, we understand that the quality of our equipment directly affects the business success of our investors and the safety of their customers. That’s why we never compromise in our selection of materials and manufacturing processes.

Furthermore, investing in Dinis kiddie flying chairs means choosing a product that is durable and easy to maintain. We carefully design our kiddie swing rides for sale to withstand the rigorous use of amusement parks, fairs, and family entertainment centers.

In addition, we provide comprehensive support and maintenance services to ensure that each flying chair operates at peak performance, minimizing downtime and maximizing investor returns. By focusing on reliability, Dinis helps investors extend the lifespan of their flying chairs for kids and maximize the return on their investment.

funny swing ride for children

Discover the Enchantment: 2 Small Flying Chairs That Kids Adore

At DINIS, There are 2 styles of flying chair rides are specially popular with kids. They have a cartoon appearance, or animal themes, or fruit parties, creating unlimited space for children’s imagination. Moreover, they are small and colorful, full of aesthetic beauty. Let’s step into the children’s rotating world and see what specific features of these flying chairs have.

Fun Zoo Adventure: the 12-seater Jolly Giraffe Kiddie Swing Ride

giraffe flying chair kiddie ride

First, our Giraffe flying chair, is a favorite among our animal-themed mechanical rides. This swing ride for children is meticulously crafted to resemble a friendly giraffe, complete with spotted patterns and a smiling face. It can comfortably accommodate 12 children. As the swing carousel begins to turn and take flight, children will feel like they’re riding their very own giraffe through the zoo.

Besides its special exterior, the Giraffe kids swing ride is characterized by its rounded edges and vibrant colors. This design ensures both a visually appealing and safe experience for young adventurers.

Refreshing Summer Cycling: Watermelon Flying Chair for 16 Children

Next up is our Watermelon wave swinger which making children’s summertime dream come true. We design this kids flying chair inspired by juicy watermelons.  It features vibrant green and red hues, accented with black seeds to mimic the exterior and flesh of a watermelon. Moreover, compared to other kids rides, this design is certainly unique and can capture children’s attention at first glance.

Besides, we’ve shaped the seats to resemble a halved watermelon, looking akin to a watermelon rind after it’s been enjoyed. Seated in the watermelon air swing ride, children can experience the sensation of soaring through the refreshing summer breeze.

kids swing ride funfair for sale

What is the Price of Children’s Carnival Swing Ride?

Would you like to know the cost of a children’s swing? To help you quickly understand the prices of our kiddie swing rides, we have provided a table below for your reference. For a more detailed price list, please contact us to obtain it!

Style Giraffe Flying Chair Watermelon Flying Chair
Capacity 12 seats 16 seats
Price Range $7,000-$9,000 $9,500-$11,000

What Is the Speed of These Flying Chairs? Will They Frighten the Children?

In fact, the flying chairs kiddie ride we design run at a much lower speed compared to the amusement park flying chairs. Their speed can be adjusted according to your specific requirements. Such a design not only ensures the safety of children while riding but also prevents them from feeling fearful or uncomfortable.

mechanical swing rides for kids

Additionally, you have the flexibility to modify the speed of the swing carousels according to the age group of your customers. For instance, if the riders are young kids from a kindergarten, you can slightly reduce the speed to make the experience exciting without causing fear. On the other hand, if the riders are older children or teenagers, you can increase the speed to provide them with a more thrilling entertainment experience.

What Guarantees Can I Expect When Purchasing a Kiddie Swing Ride from Your Company?

If you purchase a children’s amusement park flying chair from us, you will receive a series of guarantees. This ensures the safety of your investment and the reliability of the equipment.

Firstly, we assure you that our products have undergone strict quality certification. We can provide you with ISO and CE qualification certificates, ensuring that the products meet international standards.

Secondly, you can have peace of mind because we use high-quality fiberglass and premium carbon structural steel with no talcum powder admixture. These guarantee the durability and safety of our swing ride for kids. In terms of quality, we offer a one-year warranty service. If any non-artificial quality problems occur during the warranty period, just contact us and we will solve it in time.

how much for kids chair swing rides

To simplify installation and operation, we are ready to offer the necessary technical support. Our kiddie swing rides are easy to install. So you can also opt for assistance from local technicians. The operation is straightforward and user-friendly.

Additionally, we provide personalized customization services. If you wish to add special patterns or colors to the children’s flying chair, just let us know your requirements in advance, and we will customize it to your requirements.

easy to operate a kids flying chair

Lastly, we guarantee lifetime free online technical support. Whether you have questions during the purchase process or encounter any issues while using the equipment, you can contact us at any time, and we are always ready to assist you.

Choosing Dinis means you will not only enjoy reliable swing rides but also comprehensive service. Now, contact us to select a flying chair ride for your children!

Do you have Kids Amusement Park Flying Chair Manual Rides?

Are you wondering if we build kiddie flying chairs manual ride? Indeed, in addition to providing fun-filled flying swing chairs for children, our company also manufactures self-controlled rides for children to manually control the rise and fall. For example, we have a variety of options such as self-controlled airplane ride, self-controlled bee ride, self-controlled shark ride, and self-controlled Donald Duck ride.

These mechanical rides are generally connected to the central column through arms, which is different from traditional chain swing carousels. However, they all rotate around the central column and provide children with exciting and safe entertainment experiences.

Overall, Dinis’ kiddie swing ride is not just an ideal choice for investors but also a dream playground for children. From safety to fun design, from cost-effectiveness to guaranteed after-sales service, we are the unparalleled option for you.

At our company, you can purchase an entertaining giraffe swing ride for as little as $7,000-$9,000. Similarly, a 16-seat watermelon-themed carousel swing ride will only cost you $9,500-$11,000. Whichever flying chair you choose, Dinis is committed to bringing joyous echoes and endless surprises to children around the world.

Contact us to select the perfect flying chair for the little ones and begin their magical journey in the playground!

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