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Looking to add an entertaining roller coaster attraction to your amusement park? Our company, Dinis, is now offering our latest design—the 210 Meters Mad Mouse Roller Coaster! This ride features a Mickey Mouse-inspired appearance and comes with an 210-meter-long track! It delivers a thrilling experience that is perfect for family fun!

Dinis’s Wild Mouse Roller Coaster for Sale Includes a 210m Track

The “Crazy Mouse” roller coaster with a track length of 210 meters is our company’s recent best-selling mechanical equipment. Its track has a total of 48 sections and a height of 5.8 meters, and it is considered a large-scale amusement ride.

When designing it, we drew inspiration from the shape and characteristics of mice. It may resemble the brave Shuke and Beita, the clever Jerry, or the lovely Mickey and Minnie. Regardless of the design, it is immensely popular among children and adults alike.

mickey and minnie mouse roller coaster
crazy mouse rollercoaster

Besides, we design the coaster’s track with an intricate structure of rises and falls. This is to emulate the sensation of a mouse swiftly and abruptly navigating through a maze. Unlike other roller coasters, where the cars are usually linked together like a kids train ride, this coaster features individual cars operating independently.

When the ride is in motion, it looks as though one mouse is chasing another, creating a highly amusing spectacle. Paired with vivid colors, the “Crazy Mouse” offers your guests the thrilling experience of being in the midst of an intense mouse chase!

How Much Does a Wild Mouse Coaster Cost?

Want to know the roller coaster crazy mouse price? At Dinis, investing a set of 210 meters mad mouse roller coaster may cost you around $77,200 to $80,200. This price is neither too high nor too low and is very reasonable and competitive in today’s amusement ride market. But if you consider its quality and design carefully, you may find this investment offers great value for money.

In terms of quality, Our wild mouse roller coaster is made of high-grade fiberglass and steel. This ensures that you can use it with confidence for more than 10 years. Design-wise, we offer a wide variety of mouse car styles for you to choose from. We also provide customization services to meet your unique requirements and creative vision. Therefore, the final quote will be determined based on your specific choices.

Lastly, I need to add that the standard configuration of the 210 meters Mad Mouse roller coaster includes four carriages.

how much does a wild mouse coaster cost

However, we also offer 180 meters, 280 meters, and 320 meters versions of wild mouse roller coasters for your business. These versions have different numbers of mouse cars, and the price varies depending on the specific roller coaster you choose. If you need more detailed pricing on specific mad mouse, please feel free to contact us!

Apart from the Wild Mouse, Dinis offers a range of roller coasters at different price points, such as mini roller coasters, dragon roller coasters, and caterpillar roller coasters. No matter your budget, we can find the right solution for you.

The Detailed Specifications of the 210 Meters Mad Mouse Roller Coaster

Capacity Operating Speed Track Height Track Length Equipment Height Number of Cars Lift Speed Drive Power Area Footprint
2 persons/car 8.7 m/s 5.8 m 210 m 0.9m 4 cars 0.8 m/s 4 kW 28*19 m²

The above are the specific parameters of the Crazy Mouse roller coasters with 210 tracks from our company. If you want to know the parameters of mouse coaster with a 180m, 280m or 320m track, please feel free to contact us!

Commitment to Safety: Mad Mouse Coaster Crafted with Pure Fiberglass and High-Grade Steel Construction

Our 210 meters mad mouse roller coaster uses a shell made of high-quality fiberglass material. This material is highly malleable and can be created in a variety of shapes. Moreover, it also has extremely high strength and wear resistance.

During the production process, we carefully polish the shell of the car to ensure that its surface is smooth and flawless. This eliminates any risks that may pose a threat to children’s safety. In addition, our roller coaster series (including mini roller coasters, caterpillar roller coasters and dragon roller coasters, etc.) all use this high-quality material.

mad mouse roller coaster material
mad mouse roller coaster manufacturer

We are aware that some manufacturers may add talc to their fiberglass to reduce costs and offer a seemingly attractive low price. However, we solemnly promise to never adulterate our fiberglass shells, guaranteeing their purity and a complete absence of added talc.

We understand the importance of safety and recognize that talcum powder can increase the rigidity of the material. While we also realize that excessive addition of talcum powder may weaken the impact and bending strength of the material. This is because talc can become a source of stress concentration, thereby affecting the overall structural strength of the composite material.

Therefore, we consciously avoid any risks that may compromise passenger safety. This guarantees that every investor can use our Crazy Mouse ride with complete confidence.

Moreover, the interior frames and track of the roller coaster are made of high-quality galvanized carbon structural steel. It can maintain structural stability and durability even in long-term outdoor use. To further ensure passenger safety, we are equipped with seat belts and handrails, and provide adjustable speed options. Our dual braking system is an ironclad commitment to passenger safety. These designs allow your every passenger to enjoy the excitement and fun brought by the mouse roller coaster without any worries.

buy wild mouse amusement ride

Where I can Use the Carnival Ride Crazy Mouse Roller Coaster

In fact, our wild mouse roller coaster for sale is versatile and suitable for a variety of venues. It requires a minimum area of over 28 meters in length and 19 meters in width for safe operation.

Furthermore, If you want to use it indoors, you must ensure that the indoor height exceeds 8 meters. This height requirement ensures that passengers remain safe from injury when the coaster reaches the track’s highest point. When setting up outdoors, height is typically less of a concern.

wild mouse roller coaster playland

Overall, our 210 meters mad mouse roller coaster can be a thrilling addition to any venue, be it a shopping mall, theme park, resort, or even a spacious backyard. Just make sure to meet our equipment’s space requirements. Also, considering that our ride is powered by electricity, proper electrical infrastructure must be in place.

Why We Recommend You Invest Our Roller Coaster Wild Mouse

Are you hesitating about which roller coaster manufacturer to choose? We wholeheartedly recommend our company, Dinis.

Choosing Dinis factory to buy a 210 meters mad mouse roller coaster will make your investment worthwhile. We provide you affordable price of $77,200 to $80,200 with the high-quality mad mouse ride. It has a variety of styles for you to choose from and is popular with kids and adults. Moreover, a set of the rat roller coaster has 4 cars and every carriage can accommodate 2 people. The operating speed is 8.7 m/s, and you can also adjust it according to your requirements. Overall, it is a slightly exciting ride, suitable for families. If you have an interest in it, please feel free to contact us!

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