Yes, you can customize our battery-operated bumper cars to be coin-operated. This feature is common in amusement parks, funfairs, and arcades. Coin-operated bumper cars have a mechanism that requires the insertion of a coin or token to activate the ride for a set duration. This allows for easy management, as it limits access to paying customers and helps to regulate the flow of riders without constant staff supervision. It can also be an effective revenue model for the business.


You can configure coin-operated bumper cars to accept specific types of coins by calibrating the machines to recognize the size, weight, and sometimes the electromagnetic signature of the coin. It’s important to ensure the coin mechanism is set up for the coins that will be used.

While it’s technically possible to configure the bumper cars as coin-operated, we recommend opting for the time-adjusted option. This method is simple and suitable for every investor. Because many countries now do not allow coin-operated games.

Of course, please tell me your needs.