It needs to take about 6-8 hours to fully charge. The color of the fully charged indicator light will change and you can easily distinguish it.


We use the maintenance-free gel dry battery. This battery is convenient for you because you don’t need to spend energy to maintain it every day. Moreover, its price is also economic and affordable.

About two years, it depends on your daily usage.

You should consider replacing your dashing car battery if you notice any of the following signs:

  • Inability to Fully Charge: If the battery cannot be fully charged or if it takes significantly longer to charge than it used to.
  • Reduced Operating Time: If the battery dodgem runs for a much shorter period than it used to after being fully charged.
  • Physical Damage: If the battery appears swollen, is leaking, or shows any other signs of physical damage.

To extend the battery life, it is important to regularly charge and discharge the battery, avoiding complete depletion. Please store the battery in a cool, dry place and maintain the charge level between 40% and 60%.

The cost of replacing a dashing car battery depends on the brand and specifications of the battery. Generally, the price for replacing a lead-acid battery in a bumper car can range from several tens to several hundreds of dollars. How many bumper cars do you plan to replace? We can help you calculate the approximate cost.

DINIS recommends that you do not replace the adults bumper car battery yourself due to the risks involved. Handling high-voltage equipment can lead to personal injury or damage to the vehicle. Therefore, we advise contacting a professional technician nearby for safe and proper replacement.

Yes, our battery operated bumper cars come with a one-year warranty for both the vehicle body and the battery.