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Where can I Buy a Funfair Lotus Flying Chair Ride

lotus flying chair manufacturer

Do you want to buy a standout attraction to your fairground? look no further than Dinis’s Lotus Flying Chair Ride! Dinis has been manufacturing a wide range of flying chair amusement park rides for more than 20 years. The Lotus flying chair is the earliest and most retro swing ride in our company, favored by many investors. With a design inspired by the serene beauty of a lotus flower, it captures the essence of flight and fantasy. Besides, we manufacture it with high-quality fiberglass and high-quality carbon structural steel. And the quality is absolutely reliable. Therefore, you can use it with confidence for more than 8 years.

Are you still wondering how to contact us? Available directly by sending us an inquiry or calling us at ansy time. Our sales team is ready to assist with your purchase, offering detailed information and support through the entire buying process.

DINIS 12-Seat Small Lotus Flying Chair Ride for Sale

lotus swing amusement ride

Are you operating a limited amusement space but still wish to purchase a unique carnival ride for your customers? Or are you looking to invest in a low-cost, easy-to-operate entertainment equipment as your first venture into the amusement industry? Indeed, if these are your reasons for investing in amusement equipment, then our 12-seat Lotus Flying chair could be an excellent choice. This ride measures 6m by 6m with a height of 4m. It can be used indoors if the ceiling is tall enough. When used outdoors, the only concerns are the required space and the weather.

Moreover, its operation is very straightforward. We have equipped each flying swing chair ride with a control cabinet. You just press the indicated buttons on the cabinet to control our small Lotus flying chair ride. Basically, there are no technical difficulty.

Furthermore, this small swing amusement ride does not fall short in appearance compared to larger flying chair. When in operation, it resembles a blooming lotus, which is quite beautiful. No matter where you use it, it can bring you a continuous stream of income.

lotus flying chair design

What is Your Quotation for the Lotus Flying Chair?

At DINIS, we fully acknowledge the significance of investment budget for our customers when it comes to purchasing amusement rides. That is why we have strategically set our Lotus Flying Chair Ride price within the competitive range of $5,400 to $7,000. Despite the affordability, this in no way indicates a compromise on product quality.

Lotus flying chair price

Our commitment to quality is exhaustive, with each detail meticulously crafted and scrutinized. The core structure of the flying chair is made from high-quality carbon structural steel, ensuring both exceptional strength and the necessary resilience. Even under the strain of heavy loads during operation, it remains stable, which is crucial for the safe functioning of the amusement ride. As for the aesthetic adornment, we utilize a pure, talc-free fiberglass technique, setting us apart from other manufacturers. Our adherence to such production standards reflects our dedication to quality and our responsibility to our clients.

Therefore, when you consider the quality, safety, and aesthetic appeal of our Lotus Flying Chair Rotating Ride, you will recognize that our pricing genuinely captures its value. We pledge to offer you a product that exceeds expectations, and the balance between price and quality is our promise and guarantee to you.

Can I Customize the Lotus Flying Chair Amusement Ride?

At Dinis, we’re not just about offering a wide range of carnival rides. We’re also committed to fulfilling your unique ideas and requirements. Just a few months ago, a French customer customized a lotus flying chair from us  to match the vintage-themed amusement park. At present, this lotus flying chair has been bringing him profits continuously.

So whatever your customization needs may be? From increasing capacity to adding personalized designs, specific color themes, lighting effects, or music, we have the capabilities to make it happen. Furthermore, we can even incorporate your business logo onto the flying chairs. This way, each ride becomes an opportunity to imprint your brand on the memories of your guests. Over time, this consistent branding can establish a deep connection between your park and its visitors. This customized solution is very common on our ride on train ride and merry-go-round.

vintage amusement park lotus flying chair

So, if you also have a need for customization, we welcome to share your vision with us!

Portable Lotus Flying Chair, Convenient to Transport and Install

high quality vintage lotus flying chairs

If you’re in the business of rentals, market trading, or touring shows, you might be on the lookout for a suitable portable mechanical ride. Dinis’s portable Lotus flying chair ride could be just what you need. We designed this ride with customer transport and assembly convenience in mind. Thus, we have created it with modular components, making it quick and easy for you to set up and dismantle.

Additionally, this portable flying swing chair has a small footprint, making it perfect for use in limited spaces. While its capacity may be less than that of large flying chairs, it still offers an excellent entertainment experience.

Don’t miss out on this portable flying chair if you need a mobile amusement ride! It will provide maximum convenience and return on investment with minimal upfront cost.

Lotus Swing Chair: A Vintage Ride for Kids and Adults Alike

As we navigate through rapid advancements in modern times, a trend for all things vintage has swept the amusement market.

Vintage-style amusement rides like the flying chairs are not just appealing to children, but to adults as well. I believe that many parents today may not have had the opportunity to experience such attractions in their own childhoods.

Imagine their delight when they encounter a ride like the Vintage Lotus Swing Chair, brimming with old-world charm – it’s hard to believe they wouldn’t be transported back to their youth. As parents and children ride together, it’s as though both are momentarily reliving the joys of childhood. What a wonderful memory that would be!

In general, Dinis’s Lotus flying chair ride is an excellent investment. With its high quality, appealing design, and the exceptional experience it offers passengers, purchasing such equipment for $5,400 to $7,000 is a bargain. Although it’s compact in size, accommodating only 12 people per ride, it delivers an amusement experience on par with larger swing chairs. Moreover, its modular design is ideal for easy transport and assembly, making it perfect for fair trade or rental businesses. Dinis also caters to custom requirements, leveraging over 20 years of manufacturing experience in amusement rides. We warmly invite investors to collaborate with us. Besides swing chairs, we also manufacture popular items like carousels, trackless trains, and bumper cars.

So, if you’re interested in our products, please send us an inquiry to receive our latest price!

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